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October 27, 2022

8 Halloween Themed Outfits at Lola and the Boys

The spookiest day of the year is fast approaching. Is your little kid ready? This year, why not try an adorable costume or fashionable outfit for Halloween?

If you’re still looking for outfits for your little one, look no further. Here at Lola and the Boys, we offer Halloween-themed outfits to help kids celebrate in style. Here’s a round-up of Halloween outfits and costumes worth checking out:

  • Mermaid

    As they say, if you can be a mermaid, then be a mermaid – because why not? A mermaid color palette usually consists of pastel shades that will look good on any girl. Your daughter is sure to walk (or should we say, swim?) with confidence wearing an adorable mermaid outfit for Halloween.

    Check out our Paillette Mermaid Tail Skirt, perfect for pairing with any light-colored top, such as this Led Doll Mermaid Eyes Tee. Complete her outfit with this mermaid bling set and mermaid hair clips, and she will be the most stylish mermaid out there.

  • Pop Star Princess

    Almost every girl has this dream - to be a pop star famous for her talent and unique fashion sense.

    Let your little girl be the star of any Halloween party with this trendy Shining Rainbow Star Tulle Dress. Match her outfit with a pair of these Star Girl Glitter Sneakers, and her pop-star impression will look more convincing and head-turning.

  • Rainbow Princess

    There are typically different types of princesses, and the rainbow princess is the one who spreads a dazzle of rainbow around, giving hope to everyone she meets!

    Your little style icon will surely love to be a rainbow princess this Halloween, and what better way to make that wish come true than this cute Sunset Rainbow Tulle Dress? Add this fancy Princess Sequin Cape to the ensemble, and your kid will feel like a powerful princess ready to impress.

  • Varsity Heartthrob/ Sweetheart

    Looking for a last-minute Halloween outfit that’s easy and comfortable to wear? This bomber with matching joggers or this Varsity Patch Faux Fur Bomber really gives off a varsity idol vibe that every kid will find cool.

  • Magical Unicorn

    Any kid will love to wear a magical unicorn costume this Halloween - no question about that! Kids love unicorns because they are seen as majestic mythical creatures with healing powers, and we’re not complaining. They are so cute, and their colors are usually easy on the eye. We also can’t forget that unicorn-themed outfits and accessories are so in-style right now!

    This unicorn costume comes as a set that is perfect for Halloween and also great for playing dress up any day. Your kid can also go full-blown unicorn with this comical Unicorn Head.

  • Fashion Icon

    What can be more fashionable than a fashionable diva outfit? Your little one will enjoy being a fashion icon for a day in this Infinity Stone Gem Vegan Jacket. Accessorize with statement pieces, and it’s sure to be a Halloween to remember. We’re talking about this https://lolaandtheboys.com/collections/halloween/products/fuzzy-rainbow-clutch and other fancy accessories in her wardrobe.

  • Ballerina

    Imagine your little girl as a ballerina radiating grace and elegance on Halloween. What a stunner she will be! With the right accessories, this versatile Pink Diamonds And Pearls Tulle Dress can create a sweet look for your little girl either as a ballerina, a princess, or a fairy.

  • Dino

    Scary with a little bit of sass and a whole lot of cuteness - this dino costume is not the definition of fashionista we had in mind, but it’s definitely cute and looks comfy to wear at any trick-or-treating event. Check out how fun our Dino Onesie looks.

Who says Halloween outfits can’t be cute and fashionable? Halloween is your kid’s chance to be anything they want, so make it count and make them wear something that will make them feel confident. For more Halloween outfits for kids, check out Lola and the Boys’ Halloween collection.