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October 31, 2022

6 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Pick Out Their Own Clothes

As parents, we always want what’s best for our children, including the clothes they wear and how they look. But let’s face it, it’s a big struggle for us to let our children pick their own clothes, especially for school and any social gathering.

What if they choose a cringy combination and make themselves look ridiculous in the eyes of everyone else? This thought naturally raises the question:

Should I Let My Kid Wear What They Want?

We get you. Letting your child choose their own clothes can be a nightmare we all want to avoid. But making outfit decisions is part of a child’s growing process and can be a good learning opportunity for both of you. They learn to choose for themselves, and you learn to let them grow, even if it means taking some risks.

If you need more convincing, let’s go over some of the reasons why letting kids wear what they want is good for them:
  • It helps improve their decision-making skills.

Letting kids choose their outfits is a good way to start giving your child the independence to make decisions for themselves. If you let them do simple things on their own at an early age, it will come naturally for them to decide and do things independently as they become older. They’ll also learn that they’ll get better at anything they do with practice and support from the people around them.

  • It allows them to think about their preferences.

When making decisions on what to wear, your child will have the chance to think about what they actually like – colors, prints, clothing styles, and fabrics – and decide for themselves which outfits they want to wear.

They’ll learn to adjust their choices depending on the weather, occasion, their mood, fashion trends, and a lot more. What an excellent way for them to express their own style and develop their sense of individuality!

  • You are teaching them about responsibility.

Allowing kids to pick out their outfits teaches them to accept responsibility for their actions – in a good way. It’s a good time to teach them that not all people will like their taste, but they must carry themselves with confidence no matter what people say.

You can also teach them about the difference between constructive criticism and just plain criticism, so they’ll know which ones to learn from and which ones to ignore.

  • You are teaching them about respecting others’ decisions.

By showing them that their decisions are well-respected at home, they’ll learn that it's a good feeling to be respected and emulate that good behavior outside of the home. At a young age, they’ll practically learn to respect other people’s decisions and focus on the things they can control.

  • It’s a fun experience for kids.

Choosing their clothes will boost their creativity and help them think originally, which will be helpful for them later in life. Rather than seeing dressing as a tedious and stressful chore, they will see it as something they look forward to as it is fun and liberating for them to do.

  • It means less work for you.

Need we say more? Sit back and relax while you watch your kid teach themselves to be independent. And while you’re at it, give yourself a pat on the back for being a great parent.

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