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Meet irina ovrutsky

For the former model turned designer, the transition from high fashion to high-quality kids' wear was more than a career shift; it was a personal revolution.

Get to know her


What's your why:

I remember looking for unique and comfortable clothes when Lola was born and I couldn't find any! That's why I started making clothes for Lola as a baby. I took matters into my own hands. That sparked my creative journey to design the fun and colorful attire that I dreamed of for my own kids and others.

What's your inspiration:

Each doodle, patch, stitch and sequin is inspired by my own little ones, Lola, Shia, and Julian. Lola + The Boys is not only a love story to my children but a testament to the belief that kids’ apparel can and should be as dynamic as their imaginations.

“ Lola + The Boys is all about kids having fun, expressing their personality and finding their confidence!”

Irina's Tips For Following Your Dreams

If you love what you do, it won’t feel like work.
When you're deeply invested in your work, every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth and creativity, making the journey towards your dreams an exciting adventure.
Keep going even when it feels hard. Make sure you're still having fun doing things.
Remember to infuse joy into your daily tasks, celebrate small victories, and find moments of levity amidst challenges. Keeping the fun alive ensures that your journey remains fulfilling and sustainable, even during the toughest of times.
Try to encourage your kids to learn and be involved with it.
Introducing your children to your entrepreneurial journey not only fosters their curiosity but also instills valuable life skills. Whether it's brainstorming ideas together or witnessing your perseverance firsthand, involving them can ignite their entrepreneurial spirit and teach them the importance of pursuing their passions. It's amazing to have Lola help with the designs. Her insights are so valuable to the whole process!
Stay true to your dreams and set goals.
Define clear goals that align with your dreams, and use them as guiding lights to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. By staying committed to your authentic aspirations and setting achievable milestones, you pave the way for turning your dreams into tangible realities.

Favorite design right now?

Doodle art set

Favorite moment?

Partnering with Care Bears since it was a special part of my childhood. And of course, opening Unicorn World is proof of dreams becoming reality.

What's the best part about designing Lola + The Boys?

Getting to be creative and design beautiful fun clothes that get both mom’s and kids excited about. It's also incredible to build something so special with your children. From fabric to design, my kids were always involved. They were even the fit models! I think that's why the brand captures the hearts of kids everywhere - it's not just clothing, but a collaboration filled with love and imagination.