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October 27, 2022

How To Look Cool at School - 5 Cute Outfit Ideas

School has resumed for a few months now, and you’re probably running out of outfit ideas for your kids to wear at school. We got you covered. Let your kid strut the school hallways in style with some trend-setting outfit ideas from your friends here at Lola and the Boys.

But first, let’s share with you some of the dos and don’ts of dressing kids for school.

How To Properly Dress Your Kids For School

Choosing outfits for kids seems like a no-brainer, but it can get daunting at times when you think about the things you need to consider. To help you, we listed below some of the most important things to think about:

Comfortable to wear. For one thing, school outfits should be comfy on top of being stylish. Kids will be spending hours in those clothes, so as parents, we should think about dressing them with outfits that allow movement so they’ll have the freedom to move during physical activities.

High-quality. Choose clothes with high-quality fabric that won’t irritate kids’ sensitive skin. Some skin-friendly fabrics are organic cotton, bamboo, cashmere, and silk. The outfit should also have a nice fit, so it won’t get in the way anywhere, and be well-stitched and durable enough so it won’t get tattered easily during vigorous play or learning activities.

Appropriate for the weather. Also, consider choosing clothes that are appropriate for the weather. For cold seasons, we recommend outfits made of fleece, tweed, and wool.

Should not be showy. In general, outfits that are too showy, such as sleeveless tops and skirts that are too short, should be avoided when choosing school clothes for kids.

Not ridiculously old-fashioned. While we have nothing against old-fashion clothing, we just don’t recommend sending your kids to school wearing them. Old-fashioned clothes may make your little one look overdressed or dowdy in the eyes of their schoolmates.

Should not violate the school’s dress code. To know more about which clothes your kids should not wear at school, refer to the school’s dress code. Ensure that the clothes’ lengths are appropriate, and be mindful of the graphics, as some may not be appropriate for school.

Now that we discussed the dos and don’ts of school outfits, let's get into the fun part.

Trend-Setting School Outfits At Lola And The Boys

  • School Uniform Look

    No school uniform? No problem. Your little one can still rock the school uniform look and be the fashion icon of their class.

    The school uniform look is not just for the classroom but also catwalk-approved. The idea is to wear uniform-looking outfits as a fashion statement, such as a knee-length skirt paired with a cardigan top.

    If you want to achieve this look for your little girl, this Ivy Tweed Pink Plaid Set will give her the elite schoolgirl vibe. For the boys, this Velvet Patch Blazer paired with a button-down inner shirt or this Striped Poloshirt gives a casual yet put-together school uniform look.

  • Barbie-Inspired Fashion Trend

    Doll up your little girl with playful yet sweet-style outfits that will remind you of the iconic “Barbie Doll” of the 90s. With the announcement of the Barbie film’s release in 2023, the barbie fashion craze has made a strong comeback, and we can’t wait to see more barbie-inspired fashion in the coming months

    Barbie has a thing for pink shades, glitters, and anything glam. To achieve a Barbie vibe, you simply have to dress your daughter in an ensemble consisting of pink outfits, especially fuchsia and electric pink, and any glittery and cute accessories.

    Luckily, you don’t have to scout through the internet to look for the perfect Barbie fashion items. Taking inspiration from this look, we've put together this outfit combination: our darling Neon Pink Sequin Flip Bomber, paired with this Sweetheart Dress, will look good with this Pretty Pink Purse and these Butterfly Sneakers.

    For the accessories, these Purple Crystal Wing Sunglasses and Smiley Rainbow Bracelets will complete the Barbie aesthetic.

    We can’t forget about the boys, of course. This Patched Denim Jacket paired with any top and pants can give any kid a “Ken doll” appearance. Don’t forget to make your little boy wear the famous Ken smile and side-parted hair.

  • Sporty Style

    Your kid doesn’t necessarily need to join any sports activities at school - although we will be thrilled if they do - to don a sporty style outfit. What we love about this fashion look is how cute yet comfy it is to wear. Check out this All About The Patch Varsity Patch Bomber paired with this Rainbow Varsity Cheer Dress for girls and this cool-looking NY Bomber Joggers Set for your little man.

  • Casual Street Style Look

    Denim jackets are a versatile street-style fashion staple. You can basically pair them with any outfit, and your little one can easily pull off a street look. This Jelly Bean Denim Jacket will look fashionable when worn by any girl, and this Denim Snake Sherpa Jacket will bring out your little boy’s street-savvy style.

  • Just For Good Vibes

    Bring out your child’s fun and happy spirit, and let them spread the good vibes to everyone at school. Your little girl will love the inspiring words on this Be A Rainbow Sweatshirt, and your son is sure to share a good laugh with his friends with this Monster Velvet Sweatshirt.

We hope you enjoyed this list. Don’t forget to invite your little one to join you in choosing the right outfit for them. Prioritize choosing the outfit that will make them feel comfy and confident at the same time.

For more fun and stylish outfit for kids, visit Lola and the Boys’ collection and stay tuned for more fashion picks and tips.