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April 11, 2021

10 Trendy Handbags to Help Your Kids Take on 2021

Kid’s wardrobe items aren’t just about the clothes. While the tops, skirts, and joggers definitely leave an impression on a child’s self-esteem, they’re not the only way to help your child feel confident. Trendy, stylish handbags can also help a child feel like they rule the world. 

Lola + The Boys Handbags Help Your Child Feel Comfortable and Confident

The handbags designed by Lola + the Boys are fashionable, exciting, and designed with kids in mind. They can take a child’s confidence to the next level, while also granting them a level of independence and self-worth. In this article, we’re showing you 10 stylish Lola + the Boys handbags that you need today!

  • 1. Mini Croc Birkin

  • Say hello to the Mini Croc Birkin, the perfect handbag for your little fashionista on any occasion! Sized perfectly at 8x8, it’s able to be carried around easily and effortlessly. You won’t have to worry about quality as the craftsmanship is superior to last your loved one years to come! Available in great colors and even includes a stylish charm with every birkin, buy yours now.


  • 2. Call Me Maybe Purse

  • Retro is always in, and with this adorable and well-crafted cross-body, your child can stay in-style. Featuring a centered shoulder strap, shiny accents, and even a clutch and carry option, this has everything you need in a great purse for even the smallest stylish ladies! Made from safe sourced vegan leather you can rest easy knowing you’re buying a good product, get yours here.
  • 3. Star Unicorn Purse

  • Magical, mystical, and ever-so beautiful, the Star Unicorn Purse will amaze anyone who lays eyes on it! Crafted with quality and available in three gorgeous colors, this crossbody bag can fit into any little one’s collection. Shiny, sparkle, and light up the room as a unicorn should by getting yours now.

  • 4. Holographic Magic Birkin

  • Wow! Your kid’s friends will be blown away when your child walks in with this Holographic Magic Birkin by Lola + The Boys. This stylish hand clutch Birkin also features a lovely crossbody chain for even more versatility. It is clear and holographic, made from material expertly fit into a mini Birkin size! Grab one here and experience how fun they are.

  • 5. Unicorn Tears Cross Body Purse

  • This fun and stylish cross-body purse will have everyone laughing and crying tears of joy once they get their hands on theirs! Available in cute pink and mystical silver colors, this is one purse you or your fashionista in training will want in their wardrobe, get it here

  • 6. Metallic Shimmer Birkin

  • What is more exciting than a metallic base material? When it shimmers of course! Check out this beautiful Metallic Shimmer Birkin by Lola + The Boys! The shimmer is perfect, craftsmanship is excellent and a must-have for anyone mesmerized by a shine. You can get yours here.

  • 7. Donut Purse

  • Feeling hungry yet? These donuts will easily put a smile on everyone's face! Style is not just a word, it is a statement that the Donut Purse just screams naturally. With a cross-body pink donut design and removable yellow smiley face straps, your little love will be able to show her silly side while staying practical. Order one, or a dozen here and allow everyone to see that fun side. 




  • 8. Floppy Furry Bunny Purses

  • Everybody loves to snuggle right?! Here is one snuggle bunny you won’t want to miss. The Floppy Furry Bunny Purses are perfect for any snuggly princess. Get one for you both as they come in an excellent assortment of colors and are all SO cuddly soft you won’t want to leave it at home. Snag your crossbody fluffy bunny purse here!

  • 9. Lipstick Clutch

  • How many times does she ask to put your lipstick on while you’re on the way out the door? Get her this Lipstick Clutch to keep her own lip balm in and never lose it. Sporting a stylish acrylic-shaped lipstick design, cross-body clutch chain, and safe carrying clasp. Find it here to keep her lipstick desire satisfied even on the go!

  • 10. Crystal Encrusted Rainbow Clutch

  • This is the absolute perfect gift for anyone who loves rainbows and crystal-encrusted accessories to match practically any outfit. With this beautiful clutch, everyone will be looking for your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Perfect for special events, to show off that flair, and even on the regular. With a removable chain and splendid craftsmanship, this is one rainbow to last, grab yours quickly.