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March 17, 2021

Step Confidently and Fashionably with Sneakers that Matter

Sparkles, color, and quality materials are the ingredients required for an outfit that looks, and feels good! And, at Lola + The Boys, we know that cute shoes are necessary for taking any look to the next level. That’s why we’re offering eight of the trendiest shoes available for your kids to slip their toes into this spring. 

Lola + The Boys Shoe Collection is Cute and Com-fortable

With star designs, endless sparkles, and pops of color everywhere, the Lola + The Boys shoe collection is guaranteed to get some heads turning your way. Our sneakers are made with quality, long-lasting material and have the reviews to back them up. They are perfect for capturing any personality and bringing life to each and every outfit. 

8 Cute Shoes to Wear This Spring

The great thing about the Lola + The Boys collection is that our shoes are designed to be matched with any wardrobe choice your child makes. Our sparkles match the beauty of any dress-up clothes and colors bring a pop of life to everyday attire. The life they bring to any situation makes them the ideal shoe for your child this spring. Let’s look at the eight shoes to choose from today.

1.  Star Girl Glitter Sneakers

Glittery, shimmery, and oh-so-beautiful, our Star Girl Glitter Sneakers will have your little girl feeling like the star she is. These shoes are comfy, full of personality, and include curly laces so that tying is never an issue. The Star Girl Glitter Sneakers can be found and purchased here.


2. Ombre Glitter Star Sneakers

Full of color and as shimmery as ever, these Ombre Glitter Star Sneakers are ideal for the sweet little princess in your life. The wide mouth also makes these shoes super easy to slip on and off, which aids your child in their growing independence. These pretty, glittery shoes can be purchased on our website here.

3.  Glitter Pink Star Sneakers

Covered in silver glitter and accented with a suede pink star, these Glitter Pink Star Sneakers are wonderful for any girl in your life. Even the laces are covered in shimmer! These comfy, sturdy shoes even include a zipper to help little ones get them on and off even easier. They can be found on our website here.

4.  Rainbow Trainers

Who said sneakers had to be boring? Our Rainbow Trainers can be paired with any outfit and also relied on for your girl’s next big run. The fabric design offers increased flexibility and comfort, while also sporting a fashionable rainbow pattern. The Rainbow Trainers can be purchased on our website here.

5.  Over the Rainbow Sneakers

Not only do these Over the Rainbow Sneakers feature a beautiful, embroidered rainbow on the side of each shoe, but the laces are also full of color too. And, with a silvery shimmer on the back, these shoes are ideal for any girl with a bright personality. Find them on our website here.


6.  Blue Star Sneaker

We can’t forget about the boys! Help the kids in your life throw it back to your childhood with our Blue Star Sneakers. Crafted for extreme comfort, and complete with a wide toe, these sneakers can be matched with any outfit. Purchase them on our website now.

7.  Rainbow Star Glitter Sneaker

Give the girl in your life a dose of confidence and excitement for life with our Rainbow Star Glitter Sneakers. With metallic-looking laces and pops of color throughout the shoe, this sneaker has the ability to match any outfit. Your child will feel and look like they’re walking on clouds in these awesome shoes.


8.  Rainbow Striped Sneakers

Last, but certainly, not least are our Rainbow Striped Sneakers which are available for preorder. These pearl-white shoes include color in just the right places. With pastel laces and rainbow stripes on the side, these sneakers demand attention. Hop in line first to get your hands on these shoes as soon as they’re ready here.