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April 12, 2021

Dress Your Kids for Success with the Lola + The Boys Fresh Spring Collection

Spring has arrived! The weather is warming up, the world is awakening from its sleep, and the kids are coming out to play. Why not apply some of your spring cleaning efforts to your child’s wardrobe this year? Lola + the Boys has everything you need. 

The Cutest Spring Clothes Come from Lola + the Boys

From long, flowing dresses, to cute little shorts, Lola + the Boys know what kids want to wear in the spring. Our clothes are vibrant, colorful, and full of excitement. Kids absolutely love wearing our apparel. And, why wouldn’t they? Lola + the Boys are created by kids!

Seven Fresh Spring Looks You Don’t Want to Miss

With the spring season now well underway, it’s time to think about your child’s warm-weather wardrobe. And Lola + the Boys has 7 fresh looks that you don’t want to miss out on. Let’s cover them. 

  • 1. Beachy Dino Set

  • Our name is Lola + the Boys for a reason. We love creating trendy, stylish, exciting apparel for boys, too. This Beachy Dino set is a perfect example. The set includes a crazy black tee with an awesome dino on the front and a pair of denim shorts with a drawstring waistband. It’s the perfect set for the beach, lake, playground, or any other outdoor play. Buy the Beachy Dino set on our website here.

  • 2. Rainbow Wave Short Set

  • For the kids looking to bring a pop of color to the scene this spring, the Rainbow Wave Short Set is the best in the collection. It’s bright, vibrant, and full of life - just like your child! This unique short set features colored linen lines, flare bell sleeves, and shorts to match. It is sure to turn some heads this spring and can be purchased here

  • 3. Strawberry Sequin Dress

  • Strawberry season is here! This Strawberry Sequin dress is the perfect way to celebrate. It features the perfect balance of color and sparkle for a look that’s both elegant and sassy. The Strawberry Sequin dress is true to size and can be found on our website in our spring collection.

  • 4. Dip Dye Ruffle Set

  • Though it might be warming up, the weather is still chilly in many places. You don’t have to worry though, because our Dip Dye Ruffle set has your kids covered. With long sleeves and pants, ruffles, and a dip-dyed color pattern, your child won’t want to take this outfit off! Find it right here on our website.



  • 5. Monster Under the Bed Short Set

  • Stay cozy and comfortable in this matching short set. Designed for girls and boys, the Monster Under the Bed set features French terry shorts and a soft cotton tee. It’s stretchy and relaxed, making it the perfect set for a day at the beach. Purchase it on the Lola + the Boys website today!



  • 6. Paillette Magic Rain Jacket

  • If there’s anything spring is known for, it’s the rain. Are your kids ready to stay dry and stylish? This Magic rain jacket is the best way to make sure that happens. The jacket glistens, in rain or shine, and keeps your kids feeling confident, regardless of the weather. Find it on our website and purchase it today.

  • 7. Dreamer Short Set

  • Sparkles, silver, and rainbow are the primary features of this adorable short set. It’s everything spring is about! Our Dreamer Short set is one of the most popular products on our website, mostly due to its expensive appearance at an affordable price. Find it on our website before we sell out.

    Spring Shopping is Fun and Easy with Lola + the Boys

    With Lola + the Boys, all your spring shopping takes place online. It’s easy, fast, and so much fun to sift through all the colors, sparkles, and sequins. And our Spring 2021 collection is no different. Shop today to find deals, discounts, and so much more.