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Cotton Candy Sequin Bomber

Lola + The Boys


Pretty as cotton candy!  Sequin swirl pale pink tones that sparkle when flipped.  

-Star Fleece lining

-Dry clean only

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6th Birthday Surprise

According to my daughter it is very cute, haven't seen in person yet. I do know my granddaughter will love it.

Alana Berns

Super cute. Love the shooting star

Cotton Candy Sequin Bomber Jacket-- the Sine Qua Non of Bomber Jackets -- IE Must Have

UNICORN WORLD- by Lola and the Boys
Water Tower Place -
835 N. Michigan Avenue
Floor 2
Chicago, Illinois 60611

'Sine qua non'-- a phrase meaning 'that without which'-- 'x' generally Good thing or condition or Result would Not be possible.
Latin. ( 'A good teacher, hard work and a strong system are the sine qua nons of a child's success in school.' ).

I am using the phrase a little more broadly.

A young women's favorite pair of shoes.

The blanket your child just won't part with, 'never mind' the holes in it.

A teenager's go-to skin care product that makes her feel as if acne and hormones had never even bern heard of, much less an issue; an 'older' women's favorite skin firming solution that takes years off.

The lipstick that makes one feel she walked out of a Maybelline ad-- 'Maybe she's Born with it...maybe it's Maybelline!'
( Whether or not one loves Maybelline-- the advertisement slogan was very memorable).

A young man's drum sticks he carrys with him everywhere, including where they are Not necessarily welcome.

A favorite piece of family or friend nostalgia that one will not part with, 'functional' or not ( for me, a locket with a photo of my late father and myself as a child).

The Cotton Candy Bomber jacket I purchased over the holidays from UNICORN WORLD--by the 'parent' company Lola and the Boys-- has joined the ranks of my favorite pair of pointe shoes, my locket, my favorite pair of earrings and some well-loved cds, books and stuffed animals in my cherished items collection.
( 'pointe shoes'= ballet).

In terms of clothing, it is one of those items that makes me actually Treat Others Better -- because I feel so good in it. Sparkly, vibrant and able to exude positive thoughts. No-- not in some artificial way; I mean the Cotton Candy Sequin Bombet jacket actually makes me feel better about myself, and thus a More Gracious person overall.

(I even wore it to midnight mass this year.
Figured to put on my best, and Christmas is, after all, a birthday celebration).

Shine it does; it comes in 3 different colors, a white sequin hue with tints of color ( think a sparkly 'white' nail color); a purple; a black velvet with sequined stars.

I could not well-decide but ended up with the 'white.'

The quality is high-caliber; warm but not suffrocating; depending on how one likes to wear clothes, it is 'fitted' but not skin-tight
( ar least I did not purchase mine as such).

I loved it so much that I even made the trek from the suburbs back to the Magnificient Mile to retrieve it ( the first trip had Originally been for a gift for my young nephew... coming out of the store, I had seen Unicorn World and made a bee- line ..
And I mean a Bee-line ... even my ballet teacher would have been impressed at my speed).

I highly recommend the coat. And Unicorn World. The staff was welcoming; developed a proper level.of rapport-- withOut being 'pushy'; store perfect size for its purpose and customers.

I can also tell a lot of care-- Love on a sense-- goes into the store.

Even my Mom-- ALWAYS well-intentioned but, er, Not always 'approving' of some of my purchases, especially some shoes that are not necessarily compatible with snow and slush, could not help but smile when she saw this coat, my debt to her temporarily forgotten.

I will be returning to Unicorn World asap, purchasing Both for children and myself this time. Chicago winters don't stop unicorn-spotting. .

(Thank you to Ms. Ovrutsky, Tara and the rest of her staff for running the store and its merchandise selection).