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October 16, 2022

Purple Power: Earnshaw's Magazine Features Lola + The Boys Lavender Apparel

Earnshaw's Magazine has been known for its focus on the latest trends in baby and child fashion. This publication offers advice on the latest trends in designs, and styles as well as shopping guides. It features articles from leading designers and industry experts who offer their knowledge to help parents make good decisions when buying clothes for their kids or even beating them off with a stick.

And if you are looking for a new and trendy way to dress your little one this fall season, check out Earnshaw's Magazine as they feature the latest in lavender apparel from Lola + The Boys.

Earnshaw's Magazine

The magazine features our very own Rainbow Heart Patch Set which is a purple sweater and sweatpants set perfect for lounging or athletic purposes. The set is made of high-quality fabrics, and each garment is hand-stitched for extra durability.

So if you're looking to keep your little one warm this fall season, be sure to check out Lola + The Boys' Rainbow Heart Patch Set, as well as other amazing sets and sweaters you and your kids can choose from!