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October 16, 2022

Hop on the Patch Fashion Trend - Style Guide for Kids

Remember in the 90s when embroidered cloth patches were a thing? If you loved them back then, here’s some good news for you – this crafty patch fashion trend is back, giving us the fashion nostalgia we didn’t know we needed. So join us as we fall in love with this trend all over again!

What we like most about this patch trend is how it can quickly turn a simple outfit into a 100% unique, whimsical, and home-spun masterpiece. Even old, bland pieces of outfit can be revived back to life with this simple addition.

You can purchase patched kids' clothing or buy DIY patches separately and help your kids create their own patchwork pieces – it’s all up to you. Give your kids a glimpse of your childhood by letting them experience the thrill of customizing a piece of clothing with their choice of patches.

Read on for our practical style guide to help your child pull off this patch fashion trend and flaunt their unique personality – no matter the occasion.

How To Style A Patched Outfit

You can add patches to any piece of clothing to make it fancy and personalized. Here’s how you can style patched clothing to achieve a retro look and bring out your little one’s cheerful personality:


A sweet fashion style with a quirky twist — we're head over heels for it! Check out Lola’s Sweet Candy Patch Dress. How cute is that?

A patched dress will look stunning with basic footwear, such as sneakers, leather boots, or flat sandals for summer. When it gets chilly, have your kid wear a patched dress under a plain-colored jacket or a trench coat so they can stay warm.

Denim patch skirt

A denim skirt adorned with adorable patches gives off a girly yet street-style look any little girl will love. Just look at how trendy it looks: Denim Patch Skirt By Lola and the Boys.

Match a denim patch skirt with any subtle top and comfy footwear that will complement but won’t contrast the color of the skirt. You want the patched skirt to be the focus of your little girl’s outfit.

Hoodie and Jogger

The trendy hoodie and jogger, complemented with stylish patches, equals a modish yet relaxed look. Plus, they are perfect for the sweater weather, so what’s not to love?


Add a statement piece to a casual look with our trendy patched shorts. Patched shorts is the perfect to-go outfit that is easy to pair with other fashion items.


Add adorable patches to your kid’s old pair of denim jeans to bring it back to life and give it a new personality. Jeans are versatile, and you can pair them with any tops and footwear in your kid’s closet.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is a versatile fashion item and the perfect layering piece during the cold season. Make it more stylish by customizing it with your kid’s favorite patches. You can also buy patched denim jackets and avoid the hassle of sewing them on your own.

To style a patched denim jacket, have your kids wear them over a neutral-colored top and bottom with no patterns or any overpowering print on it.


Adding patches to sneakers looks too cute; we’d even wear them on any casual outing!

Let your little one start a fashion trend among other kids by wearing patched sneakers that are uniquely their own.

Final Thoughts

This patch clothing trend has definitely grown on us, and we believe its timeless appeal is not going away soon.

When styling patched clothes, just remember not to pair them with bold fashion items such as statement bags, accessories, or other flashy clothing for a balanced look.

Lola and The Boys Patch Collection

Here at Lola and the Boys, we’re definitely digging this retro trend! Visit our website and check out our fun take on this patch trend.

Whether your little one prefers a sweet, sporty, or street style or wants to dress in their unique fashion, we have something for every style. We have denim jackets, dresses, skirts, and joggers designed with adorable patches.

What’s more, we’ll customize it for your little one with their choice of patches, including names, words, emojis, and more!

Say goodbye to boring outfits and let your kids shine with these cute patches!