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May 23, 2022

Perfect Summer Fashion Combination For Your Little Ones From Lola and the Boys

There's nothing you can't enjoy about summer (except maybe the scorching hot sun on some days), especially summer attire. Summers and summer clothes are two of our favorite things. It's that time of year when you don't need to bundle up or bring an umbrella. Summers are very popular among children, thanks to summer vacation.

Summer vacation necessitates summer camps, seminars, and a day of play. every single day! This means you should stock your child's wardrobe with airy summer dresses that are ideal for fun.

Great Playtime Outfits for Girls:

  • Cotton Dress + Slides
Cotton Dress + Slides

Instead of body-hugging clothing, choose flowing and breezy outfits. Cotton dresses with simple frills or layers that waft in the breeze are ideal for summer. These dresses are available with sleeveless, spaghetti straps, or halter necklines. For the ultimate summer style, wear this ensemble with a pair of comfortable slides and a high ponytail.

  • Loose Top + Denim Shorts + Slides
Loose Top + Denim Shorts + Slides

If your daughter does not enjoy wearing dresses, you might gift her a pair of denim shorts or chino shorts. Combine this with a loose shirt with summer-inspired designs. You may pair the shorts with an off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder blouse. A simple braid and pair of slides will complete your little girl's appearance.

Great Playtime Outfits for Boys:

  • Tee + Shorts + Slides
Tee + Shorts + Slides

Simple shirts and shorts never go out of style and are a year-round fashion standard. This outfit may be worn in every season (save perhaps winter) with a pair of simple slides.

  • Tee + Cotton Shorts + Slides
  • Tee + Cotton Shorts + Slides

    Cotton shorts or chino shorts are an excellent alternative to denim shorts. You may keep multiple pairs of shorts in your child's closet all year and use them for picnics, trips, travel, and other activities. You may wear shorts with a roll-up top with attractive summer patterns. Get your boy some stylish pairs of slides to round off his playing ensemble.


    Creating summer leisure outfits for youngsters entails selecting garments made of summer-friendly fabric and in light or pastel hues. Great thing Lola and the Boys got your back on this upcoming summer season! Browse our website to see our wide range of collections!