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May 13, 2022

Lola and the Boys Explains Why Kids’ Backpacks Are Best For Traveling

When it comes to traveling, school backpacks are known to be good type of bags for your kids.

If your child has a great backpack that he or she uses every day to school, the bag has already been tried and tested. They will be accustomed to packing and carrying their school bag because they will use it every day. They'll know how to pack it and what they can fit inside. You will already be aware that it fits well, with adjustable fittings pre-set and ready to go, and that it is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Because it has been tried and tested, you can be confident that there will be no problems with wheels or handles breaking or bags not fitting in transport storage spaces.

  • . When you're pressed for time, a backpack can help.

Have you ever tried to rush a child who is pulling their own trolley bag? Or a child completely engrossed in their cool wheeled suitcase? Moving from point A to point B in a crowded airport or train station is much easier and faster when a child is carrying a backpack, rather than having to wait for a child to navigate themselves and their wheeled suitcase through a crowded airport, train station, etc. They are also easier to grasp if they are young and you need to keep them close.

  • . A child's backpack reduces the possibility of lost bags or belongings.

There is less chance of misplacing belongings or misplacing the bag. They have already developed the habit of looking after their bag and making sure they do not lose their belongings because they use it to school. Because the bag is familiar, there is no need for any new learning curve. There are no new habits to learn when it comes to packing and carrying their luggage. When children travel with their school bag, they are more likely to adopt the same habits that they do at school – "It's either on your body or in your bag!" " There is also less chance of losing a backpack if it is carried on their back!"

  • . Parents find it easier to carry children's backpacks.

When traveling, children of all ages become exhausted far more quickly than they do at home. This frequently means that the adults end up carrying their children's bags far more than they intended, in addition to their own carry-on bags and, in some cases, a tired child. Remember that these fancy wheeled bags are intended for children to pull with very short handles or to ride on. Adults will not be able to carry these bags because they lack comfortable straps and handles! Even the smallest children's backpacks can be carried on an adult's shoulders or an arm to help you all get from point A to point B.

Remember that when moving luggage and children between stops, you won't always have access to lifts and escalators, and you may need to hold on to children in crowded airports and train stations. A child wearing a backpack will have free hands to grasp you.

  • . Children's backpacks do not sit in hotels.

When you arrive at your destination, you can use a child's backpack. You don't need to bring along extra bags for day trips, going to the beach or pool, or going shopping! Children can transport their own swimming trunks, towels, and personal belongings in their own bags. Wheeled bags are great for getting things from point A to point B, but they are rarely useful once you arrive at your destination, where they will sit in the hotel room for the duration of your trip until it is time to return home.

  • . School backpacks are ideal for use as carry-on bags for children.

Airplane seat bags never seem to match everything a child needs near an airplane. The child's school bag fits everything you need for short or long flights and easily fits under the front seat for quick and easy access to your belongings during the flight. Not only will this be less stressful for children who dislike flying, suffer from anxiety, or dislike having their belongings out of sight, but it will also save you from having to open overhead lockers to retrieve their belongings.

Spend your money on memories rather than bags!

We completely understand that family travel is extremely exciting and will result in priceless family memories for years to come, so you want everything to be perfect. Don't forget that children are more likely to remember the holiday's fun activities and experiences, as well as quality family time than the bag they used!

That is why Lola and the Boys offers budget-friendly and fashionable backpacks that you can check here! Assured that we consider the quality and your kids’ comfortability when it comes to backpacks.