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February 08, 2022

How to Trick Your Kids into Wearing Shoes

It is a normal thing for some kids to freak out as they try a pair of shoes on their feet, and if you can overcome it, you must be a miracle mom. For most parents, it is a daily challenge. If you are lucky enough, your effort won’t be needed much if your child wears their shoes without any issues immediately.

However, there are times that you may be needing a lot of effort to have your kid wear a pair of shoes, which may include crying, wailing, and moaning, for simply wanting them to get on their shoes. Not fun, most especially when you are in a hurry.

So we are sharing some tips to keep those shoes on your kids.

1.Never make it a big deal for them.

Show your toddler how concerned you are about how they react when you put on your shoes and ensured that they deliver exactly what you expected by shouting bloody murder.

Instead, show them that it's not a big deal. Pretending to be indifferent to shoes. Keeping it within the reach of children can eventually lead to curiosity and begin to treat the enemy of shoes like a toy.

And once they are already familiar with the feeling, it may be a normal thing for them to wear the shoes easily and they may even want to pick their own pair of shows to wear per day automatically.

2.Give them independence.

It brings us to our second point which is to give your child some degree of independence. Children excel at the art of imitation and nothing they like more than playing adults. When they are old enough to wear shoes, they have enough personality to impose their own style. Let your child own their appearance by defining it. If your child wants to wear sneakers for the wedding, do so. There no harm doing it.

This includes providing children with purchasing power. That is, they can say which shoes they like to wear. Or at least you can take into account your personality and interests.

If in doubt, buying something with a known cartoon character will certainly work. But those with traces of your child's favorite animals and phenomena will definitely get approval from the fashion tyranny, and it's at least one step closer to vert smooth shoes-wearing for kids.

3.Do the master trickster technique.

There is always a cloak and dagger parenting approach. This may not be the best solution, but at least it gives you the peace of mind of being one step ahead of your kid.

You may not be able to remind your child's feet to get into those shoes, but you can distract your child while your accomplice creeps into those sneakers. Do whatever you need such as using his favorite toys as decoys or make the most of feeding time. Start this activity, and with all hope, they won't even notice your trick.

4.Try pairs of shoes that have soft soles.

Children generally dislike shoes with hard soles, but baby shoes with soft soles may be their weaknesses. It probably has to do with the comfort of soft sock-like soles. If you can walk around in the socks, you'll throw away your collection of shoes right now.

But it does appear that many children locate soft sole footwear less complicated to wear. They deliver children extra flexibility and mimic barefoot movement, making them a snug middleman among barefoot and the harder-soled footwear they will begin carrying later on.

5.Choose your battles.

If your little kid really doesn't want to wear shoes, don't force the problem. Hide the pair in your bag in case they decide to scramble across the playset, and in this case, playtime serves as the perfect bribe to get them to put on their shoes.


Finding a way to put on shoes for your child and keep them up may be different. So, if you have your own tricks that encouraged your child to wear shoes, help those parents that are having a hard time.