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February 08, 2022

How to Select the Correct Playtime Outfit for Your Boys

Children should be able to focus on the task at hand during playtime, but incorrect clothing can quickly turn fun into a riot. Needless to say, at the end of playtime, it can feel like a chore for a cleaning mom. How to maximize fun and clean up later? Give your kids comfortable and easy-care clothes to play with!

Lola and the Boys got your back with cool playtime outfits for your kids. Here are some of the available outfits you can choose from our shop.

  • Shorts


If your boy loves to be free, then getting him a pair of cool summer that w will surely echoe him summer vibes. Best paired with comfy shirts as the top for a better movement when playing. We offer different designs for summer shorts that you can choose from.

  • Tees


Children hope the summer will last all year long! They just sit relaxed in their T-shirts and shorts, or lie down on the couch and don't want to move again. Clothes because they are comfortable in place! Boys can wear this outfit with their shoes, regardless of the season.

  • Joggers


Jogger is a new must-have style for kids and men, and dominates the street-style scene. These comfortable pants are no longer just for sports enthusiasts, they are the new foundation of the wardrobe. Perfect for your kid’s playtime activities as it is very comfy when worn!

For the perfect and complete outfit for playtime, you can absolutely check out more of our apparel here at Lola and the Boys. Designing play clothes for boys is to choose clothes in bright or pastel colors that are made from summer-friendly fabrics. Check out the website now!