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December 05, 2022

10 Sparkly Sequin Jackets For Kids This Festive Season

With just a few weeks before we celebrate Christmas, have you started your Christmas outfit shopping for your family yet? If you still haven’t, it is still not too late. Make the season warmer, merrier, and brighter for your little ones with these festive sequin jackets. Not only will they feel excited about the festivities, but they will also feel more confident in their own style.

Here are some pretty sequin jackets available At Lola + the Boys for your kids to wear this holiday season:

  1. Pretty In Pink Sequin Bomber
    Simple yet dashing, this pink sequin bomber is perfect for any pink lover out there. This is ideal for Christmas events, any occasion, or no occasion at all!
  2. Pretty In Pink Unicorn Sequin Bomber
    Here’s another pink sequin bomber, but this time, with an added pretty unicorn print– because any little girl loves unicorns! This pretty in pink unicorn sequin bomber is sure to grab attention at any event while keeping your little one warm.
  3. Rainbow Velour Sequin Trackset
    This rainbow sequin jacket comes with matching jogger pants to complete the look. Each piece of this set can be mixed and matched with another outfit to create a new look.
  4. Magic Mermaid Sequin Bomber
    Your little one will love the magical mermaid colors of this mermaid sequin bomber. This stylish bomber is covered with sequins that look like mermaid scales, adding a subtle visual interest to the simple look of the jacket.
  5. Cotton Candy Sequin Bomber
    This cotton candy sequin bomber has lighter shades of pink and purple colors compared with the mermaid sequin bomber and makes you think of cotton candy. It features a star zipper and a star fleece lining that kids will find cute.
  6. Sequin Bear Bomber
    Your little one will love this sequin bear bomber bear-y much! It is decorated with adorable bear faces all over and gives off a sparkly party vibe anywhere your child goes.
  7. Shooting Star Sequin Bomber
    Your child is sure to earn some curious looks (and will make other kids want to wish upon the star) with this shooting star sequin bomber. It features cotton candy hues and 3D rainbow sequin strands that are fun to look at.
  8. Goldie Sequin Jogger Set
    Gold and sparkly, what more can a child want for a jacket? This goldie sequin jacket also comes with a matching gold sequin jogger that’s perfect for the chilly holiday season.
  9. Rainbow Star Sequin Bomber
    Colorful stars are what made this rainbow star sequin bomber the perfect holiday jacket for your little one. This bomber is mainly sparkly black and decorated with contrasting colorful star patterns and is sure to glam up any outfit.
  10. Rainbow Bright Sequin Bomber
    No matter what the rainbow icon means to your child– just a cute icon, hope, or something deeper than that, they will definitely love to wear this rainbow sequin bomber to your next social event.

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