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August 15, 2022

Back-to-School Wardrobe Basics For Your Kids


Back-to-school shopping is all about getting the essentials. When it comes to children's clothing, the options appear limitless. With these back-to-school must-haves for kids of all ages, look for sturdy, long-lasting essential apparel items for kids.

  • School Uniforms

  • Back-to-school buying is simplified with school uniforms. Although your children may disagree, we appreciate that school uniforms allow for convenient clothing buying each year. 

    First, stock up on polo shirts or dress shirts that are appropriate for your school's dress code. Look for colors and styles that are permitted by your school. You should have one shirt for each day of the week (plus one or two extras just in case) so your child has clean clothing every day. Plus, if you have a few extra polos, this makes laundry day a lot less difficult to schedule.

    These back-to-school clothes don’t to be many but make sure that your kids will have enough for the entire week. You may consider mix-matching clothes to survive a week. 

  • Shoewear

  • Back-to-school shoes are an absolute must for each new school year. As your child grows and plays, footwear is frequently mistreated and ruined, requiring you to purchase new shoes each school year. Choose to buy two pairs of shoes this year, one for school and one for play. This allows your child's footwear to endure longer, saving you from having to make an unplanned shoe purchase in the middle of the season.

    It is normal that schools have a shoe requirement for their uniform, hence, make sure you let your kids wear shoes that follow the guidelines. However, if possible, let your child select their favorite shoes for the year. This gives your children the opportunity to express themselves, which is a much-desired luxury for those who must wear a school uniform. Socks are another essential thing that every child requires. Stock up on socks so you aren't caught off guard by the inevitable sock gremlin that causes those irritating pairs to go missing. Socks should be stored within each other to extend the life of the elastic.

  • Jeans

  • Kids' pants are another essential item for the school year. For growing children, choose pants with an elastic waistband and somewhat longer legs (which can be rolled up) so your child may grow with their jeans. There are several fantastic designs and cuts available for older children. Allow your child to participate by selecting their favorite pair of jeans for the upcoming school year. Don't forget to stock up on basic kids' jeans like straight leg and boot cut jeans.

  • Sweatshirts and Cardigans

  • Sweaters and sweatshirts are another essential back-to-school clothing item for children. Cardigan sweaters for girls, sweatshirts for guys, and a stylish hoodie are all essentials for the school year. Cardigans are ideal for hot corridors and cool classrooms, whilst sweatshirts are ideal for recess and exercise class. Allow them to select a fun design with their favorite animal, sports team, or color. Choose simple goods that can be worn with a number of other items in their collection. They'll never take off their favorite fuzzy layer with a one-stop shop for sweaters and sweatshirts.

  • Tees

  • Kids' T-shirts are one item that they simply cannot get enough of. T-shirts are a staple in many children's closets, and are ideal for arts and crafts, gym class, playtime, or simply wearing for fun. Purchase a choice of T-shirts in various designs and sizes. Tunic T-shirts for girls look excellent with leggings, but a plain T-shirt for guys works well not just underneath their polo shirts but also for fun. Allow your children to select their favorite T-shirts that showcase anything and everything they enjoy. The opportunity to show their individual flair makes back-to-school buying a breeze.

    Getting ready for the back-to-school season can be challenging and exciting at the same time. No worries, Lola + The Boys is here to help you get prepared for it. You may check our  website to see a wide variety of back-to-school essentials for you little ones!