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Rainbow Unicorn Cape Blanket

Lola + The Boys


  • This enchanting cape features a dazzling rainbow gradient with shimmering scales that glisten in the light, designed to make any day feel like a fairy tale.
  • The hood is adorned with a silver unicorn horn and a friendly face, complete with plush ears and a mane of soft, pink tassels, creating an irresistibly cute look.
  • Perfect for dress-up, cozy reading sessions, or just romping around, this cape blanket brings color and joy into any child's play.

Material & Care:

  • Crafted from a lightweight, soft fabric that ensures comfort and ease of movement.
  • Spot clean recommended to preserve the details and vibrant colors.
  • If machine washing is necessary, do so in cold water on a gentle cycle with similar colors.
  • Hang to dry to maintain the shape and quality of the fabric.
  • Avoid bleach and do not iron to keep the magical elements in perfect condition.