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April 05, 2022

Why Is Wearing New Clothes on Easter Sunday Considered Good Luck?

Easter is fast approaching and when we hear about this one, a simple to-do may come into our minds as traditionalists. And this also includes clothes for our children.

Different Christian denominations have different traditions, but most agree that new clothing represents a new life in Christ. In the early church, Christ's followers were baptized and required to wear new white garments for a period of time after baptism to demonstrate their commitment to their new way of life. Because the liturgical calendar is widely used in the Catholic church, it also marks the end of the Lenten season with a celebration of a renewal of both spirit and clothing to commemorate the resurrection.

Hence, it is a belief that wearing new clothes on Easter Sunday brings good luck. Having said that, we, at Lola and the Boys, are here to help you pick new clothes for your little ones. We will make sure that it will be less of your worries.

We have compiled a list of items perfect for Easter! Check it here now!