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April 12, 2021

Wear the Brightest Rainbow Clothing with Lola + the Boys

Kids love lots of color, and so do we!

At Lola + the Boys, we love using bright, exciting, vibrant colors in all our clothing. We feel like it’s one of the best ways for kids to express themselves and allow their personalities to shine. That’s why there’s no shortage of rainbow-themed apparel in our store! And we want to share it with your family.

Dress in Rainbow from Head to Toe

Everyone looks good in rainbow. At least, that’s our belief.

We grant your kids the creative freedom to dress in vivid neon colors from head to toe. In this article, we’re sharing some of our most popular rainbow apparel to inspire you while giving your kid’s wardrobe an upgrade.

Rainbow Tops and Dresses

Rainbow shirts and sundresses are the best way to welcome spring! Get your kids feeling bright and excited about a new warm season ahead with Lola + the Boys. We have so many rainbow tops and dresses, it’s impossible to list them all here. These are some of the most popular of the year.

Rainbow Gem Romper

This cute little romper includes a striped rainbow pattern, colorful gems scattered throughout, and a flower design to top it off. Made of cotton, it’s comfortable and breathable to support your little one in all their play. The rainbow gem romper is true to size and can be found on our website here.

Rainbow Jewel Dress

For those who love the shiny gem look, but are looking for something a little more girly, the Rainbow Jewel Dress is perfect. Its lightweight design keeps your kids cool, even through the wildest of play, and fastening buttons on the front are included. You can purchase this gorgeous linen dress on our website here.

Rainbow Faux Fur Coat

A coat worth melting into. It’s plush, comfy, and certainly one of a kind. This beautiful rainbow faux fur coat features an adorable pink base color and a fun rainbow design centered on the back. It has a super soft faux rabbit outside and a super soft star lining, guaranteed to keep your child warm through any season. Grab this true-to-size gorgeous garb here.

Customizable Patch T-Shirt

Who says rainbows are just for girls? Our customizable patch t-shirt designed with boys in mind comes in multiple different colors. Your kids can personalize their t-shirt with as many patches as they’d like, including letters and words, emojis, and endless styles.

Some of the most popular include our rainbow and sequin rainbow patches. You can purchase them, and the shirt on our website here.

Rainbow Bottoms and Shoes

Your kid loves rainbows, but are they really a fan if they don’t sport a beautiful rainbow-colored skirt or rainbow-trim leggings? Thankfully, Lola + the Boys has you covered! Some of our trendiest children’s rainbow apparel features cute bottoms and stylish shoes.

Rainbow Sequin Flip Shorts

Sometimes, rainbow alone just isn’t enough. That’s when you add in sparkles and sequins. These rainbow sequin shorts are cute, comfy, and perfectly colorful. They will put your child in the spotlight each time they are worn! You can find the rainbow sequin shorts on our website now right here.

Peachy Rainbow Trainers

Gear from Lola + the Boys isn’t just for looks. We’ve designed our apparel for practicality and usefulness too. It’s true for these adorable peachy rainbow trainers that have been carefully crafted for the athletic girl in your life. These trainers are comfy and cute, and you can get them on our website here.

Rainbow Extras

At Lola + the Boys, we’re not like everyone else. We don’t just stick to tops, bottoms, and shoes. That’s why our beautiful, colorful rainbows can also be found on plenty of wardrobe extras.

Rainbow Gem Mask

Just because your child is growing up in a world fighting a pandemic doesn’t mean they can’t look elegant while doing so. Our rainbow gem masks are beautiful, colorful, and full of personality. They’re available for preorder on our website here.

Rainbow Charm Necklace

Clothing may be our specialty, but we also love jewelry. That’s why we offer all kinds of adorable necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories on our website. These beautiful charm necklaces are full of color, life, and wonder. They are perfect for anyone chasing their dreams and can be found on our website here.