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September 25, 2023

Tutus to T-Shirts: Blending Ballerinacore with Casual Wear

Ballet will always be special in our hearts, especially as little girls. Whether it be the grace in dancing or the outfits worn, everything about ballet has always been dreamy and magical.

If you think wearing these ballet outfits only happens on stage, what if we told you that you can bring this elegance to your wardrobe?

Blending ballerinacore with street casual wear, we have gathered unique fashion pieces for your daughter to be in style and comfortable. Let’s begin!

What is Ballerinacore?

If you think Ballerinacore is just a fashion trend, it’s not only that. It’s a statement that your little girls can show gracefulness and sophistication in their daily attires.

Imagine the delicate twirl of a tulle skirt paired with a simple tee or the softness of ballet flats enhancing your girl’s everyday walk. Ballerinacore lets you tap into the world of ballet's effortless beauty and wear it easily wherever you go.

Let’s Mix and Match!

To start this journey of blending ballerina and everyday wear, here are items that can enhance your creativity and self-expression through your little girl’s wardrobe.

Item # 1: Pairing Tutus with White Tops

What more can a perfect ballerinacore statement be if it weren’t for tutus?

Imagine your girl twirling around with a streetwear twist — a simple rainbow tee in white. Something graceful and comfy!z

Item # 2: Ballet Flats with Jeans and Pants

Who told you ballet flats are just for dancing? As much as they show how poise your little girls can be, they can show it off with chic heart jeans or pants.

Whether she's off to school, a playdate, or a family outing, these versatile shoes will keep her light on her feet.

Item # 3: Chic and Graceful Accessories

Whatever outfits you’re wearing, accessories are always something.

To transform your little girl’s outfit into something magical, try to add a few pearls to the outfit. Maybe a crystal pearl headband or that of hearts.

This addition can make your princess feel like a ballerina in her day-to-day outfits.

Item # 4: Combining Tulle Dresses with Sneakers

Another staple of ballerinacore is these cute tulle dresses that your girls can wear daily. Pairing them with cute heart sneakers can make her ready for action.

You can choose these whenever you are at birthday parties, family gatherings, or just an ordinary day where she wants to shine. And they can also be incorporated into everyday wear.

Tips for Wearing Ballerinacore

Now that we’ve gone through four items that can make your little girl trend in fashion, below are some tips and insights to rocking this ballerinacore and streetwear style.

Tip # 1: Go for the breathable fabrics

As much as you want them to be confident with what they wear, they must also be soft and easy to wear.

Tip # 2: Work with the season

In warmer months, we suggest lightweight tutus with simple tees and sandals.

Let your girls layer their tutus over leggings as the weather cools down. You can also add fuzzy heart cardigans or sweaters.

Tip # 3: Wear it on any occasion

Ballerinacore is not just for playdates. Let your baby girl wear it during family gatherings or special events.

We encourage pastel-colored dresses or simple tutus, depending on the occasion.

Bottom Line

As much as Ballerinacore is about wearing tutus and ballet shoes, your little girls can still express themselves by combining them in everyday wear.

From the clothing to the accessories, Lola + the Boys help you pick items that work on both Ballerinacore and casual wear.

Let your daughters spread their wings and dance through life in their unique way, whether it's in tutus or t-shirts!