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May 13, 2022

Top 5 Children's Clothing Safety Tips in Fashion

Your top fashion concern as a parent may be finding your child a shirt that doesn't have juice stains on it or convincing them that they can't wear the Batman costume again. Of course, not every day is a struggle — kids' clothing is so adorable and entertaining!

It's also fun to see your child develop their own sense of style. Whether you have a junior fashionista in the family or children who are old enough to wear whatever they want, it is critical to keep safety in mind when dressing children. Here are a few safety precautions to remember:

  • Drawstrings Are a No-No

Drawstrings are commonly seen on hoodies and coats, but they pose a safety risk to children because they can become entangled in playground equipment, fences, and vehicle doors. The Consumer Product and Safety Commission has actually prohibited clothing manufacturers from producing children's clothing with drawstrings, so you won't find them in stores. Keep an eye out for drawstrings in hand-me-downs or thrift stores. Remove the drawstrings from any clothing you have at home before putting it on your child.

  • Sleep in Style and Safety

When it comes to children's nightwear, you may have a favorite oversized t-shirt that you like to sleep in, but stick with pajamas. Children's PJs should fit snugly because loose material can easily catch fire. Tripping hazards can also be loose PJ bottoms or long nightgowns. Purchase well-fitting fire-resistant pajamas for your children so that you can both sleep soundly.

  • Make Your Best First Impression

A good pair of shoes is the foundation of a great outfit, but when it comes to children's shoes, it's about more than just appearance. First and foremost, ensure that children have the proper shoe size — we know it can be difficult to keep up with them when they grow so quickly, but shoes that aren't the correct size can lead to dangerous trips and falls. Look for non-slip soles and velcro or slip-on shoes until your child can tie their own laces (practice at home until they are ready for school or the playground.)

  • Adorable Cold Weather Protection

When winter arrives, it can be even more difficult to wrangle children into appropriate clothing. Remember that the skin on your little fingers, toes, and ears is delicate and prone to frostbite. Allowing your child to select their own winter accessories can increase their enthusiasm for wearing them. Animal-eared hats and sparkly mittens are ideal, and bright colors are safer because they increase visibility.

  • Feel Free to Overdress When It Comes to Sports Safety

When it comes to sports equipment safety, there is no such thing as having too many accessories. Even if your child does not participate in organized sports, keep knee and elbow pads on hand for ice skating and other outdoor activities. If you have young athletes in the house, ask their coach what safety equipment they recommend. More sports injury prevention advice can be found here.

Stay Safe With Lola and the Boys

Having a cute and cozy wardrobe is really important when it comes to kids’ fashion. At Lola and the Boys, we value your children’s style and that is why we make sure that all our clothes are safe and kid-friendly. You may visit our website to check on our wide range of collections!