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May 23, 2022

Tips in Transitioning Your Kid’s Wardrobe from Spring to Summer

Seasonal changes are exhilarating, but they may also be perplexing. It seems like every time you get into a routine of wearing the right seasonal outfit, a new season creeps up on you. The same goes for your children. We're here to assist!

By keeping a few things in mind, you may be prepared and ready to look your best in the new season's weather. Here are some pointers to help you transfer your child's spring outfit into summer.

  • Layers to Flaunt in Hotter Weather

For days when the weather fluctuates, having attractive layers on your kid’s outfit to add and remove as required is essential. Stock up on comfy tees to wear beneath your springtime athleisure outfits in case the day becomes too hot.

We all enjoy wearing cool shirts in the humid summer weather. Pair it with high-waisted biker shorts or light-weight fabric leggings for a breezy and waterproof appearance as the seasons change.

  • Replace Jackets With Sweaters

As the spring rains fade, we may begin to replace our kid’s denim jackets and bulkier garments with lighter sweaters and cropped hoodies. A light cotton sweater or soft cropped hoodie is an ideal outer layer for beach evenings or abnormally cool days with little danger of rain.

We really like the way a small, light sweater looks knotted around our kids’ waist while wearing a seasonal transition athleisure style. They will surely look attractive and be prepared for the day's weather.

As previously said, layers are essential for coping with the ever-changing temperatures between seasons, so keeping them lightweight and fashionable is the best approach to effortlessly transition our children’s outfits.

  • Go With More Linen and Less Denim

Another fantastic technique to ease into summer is to replace their heavy denim pants or shorts with linen or softer materials.

Picnics at the lake, beach, or park necessitate the use of soft materials that move with them, provide some coverage, and keep them cool. Their spring denim jeans are adorable, but they don't always allow your legs to breathe on scorching summer days.

  • Remember the Shoes!

Finally, when you transition your kid’s wardrobe from spring to summer, keep in mind that shoes can make or ruin an ensemble. Put away their heavy spring boots and booties and replace them with lighter sneakers, sandals, wedges, and flats.

In the summer, a hefty shoe or boot might seem out of place and detract from the overall tone of their outfits. Pair a strappy sandal or cool slides with linen trousers or shorts, or an all-white sneaker with a short, flowery dress. Espadrille wedges are a seasonally acceptable shoe that complements every summer ensemble.

Allow their feet to breathe on hot summer days and add harmony to your children’s clothes by wearing the appropriate footwear.


The transition between seasons may make it tough to decide what our kids will wear. Slowly remove your heavier items and replace them with lighter fabrics, tighter and cozier ensembles, and a plethora of adorable, layerable athleisure pieces. Cheers to warmer days filled of comfort and charm!