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July 04, 2023

The Eras Tour: Taylor Swift-inspired Outfits For Your Mini me

Have you booked your tickets for the upcoming Eras Tour? Are you bringing your little one over? If you answered yes to these questions, we’ve got you covered!

Taylor Swift has not only conquered the music industry. She has also become a fashion icon with her ever-evolving style. Her various eras, marked by her albums, have influenced her music and fashion choices. 

That’s why everyone has most awaited her Eras Tour. From Taylor’s 44 setlists of songs to the dresses she wears per song, it is something that you and your daughter should not miss!

So as you ready yourself for the Swiftie concert, it’s time to explore song-inspired outfits for your mini-me. We’ve gathered twelve little girl outfits for the Eras Tour that match a few songs she’ll sing. 

1. Cruel Summer

First on our list is this upbeat and catchy pop song with a mix of synth-pop and 80s influences. This song talks about the intense emotions and roller coaster of a relationship.

The outfit that can match this song is a neon-colored bomber paired with embroidered rainbow denim shorts. Add funky accessories like colorful bracelets, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat.

This choice of outfit captures the energetic and carefree vibe of the song. The neon colors and trendy accessories will make your daughter stand out. Its fun and playful look matches the song’s upbeat atmosphere.

2. Lover

A crowd-favorite romantic ballad with a nostalgic and heartfelt tone, “Lover” expresses deep affection, devotion, and the beauty of a loving relationship.

A perfect outfit idea for your daughter is something dreamy that will match the song. Opt for a flowy pastel stars dress with ruffled details. You can add a delicate flower crown for accessories to make it even more romantic.

We chose this outfit because it captures the song's dreamy atmosphere o the song. The soft colors and feminine details will create a graceful and charming appearance. 

3. Fearless

This song is an empowering country-pop anthem about taking risks and facing the world with courage and confidence.

You can try to look for a fashionable yet edgy outfit to showcase your daughter’s fearless spirit. Choose a vegan leather jacket over a graphic tee and pair it with ripped jeans. Complete the look with patent leather combat boots or sneakers.

The edgy outfit will give a cool, confident appearance reflecting the song. 

4. You Belong With Me

A relatable pop-country track, this song tells a story of unrequited love. 

Dress your daughter in a charming and casual outfit that captures the essence of the girl-next-door persona. Opt for a pretty plaid tulle dress paired with white sneakers or flats to make it nostalgic. 

This outfit reflects the relatable and down-to-earth nature of the song.  It will make your daughter look approachable and relatable as it gives out a comfortable and youthful vibe.

5. Love Story

A classic Taylor Swift song that tells the tale of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet romance, your daughter could wear a romantic, glitter wing unicorn pastel dress in lavender or blush. 

The outfit we’ve suggested exudes a dreamy and enchanting look. It will make your daughter feel like a princess, mirroring the fairytale theme of "Love Story."

6. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

This song is a catchy and empowering pop anthem that celebrates moving on from a toxic relationship. It's a fun and energetic song with a sassy and confident attitude.

It will be nice for your daughter to wear a playful, bold outfit that reflects the song's upbeat nature. Your daughter could wear a graphic t-shirt with the song's lyrics or a statement print. 

In addition, you can pair it with a midnight paillette skirt and some hologram magic sneakers Add some colorful bracelets or a funky hat for extra flair.

7. I Knew You Were Trouble

Giving out an energetic and edgy pop, this song explores the theme of heartbreak and the perils of falling for the wrong person. It has a catchy chorus and combines elements of pop and electronic music.

Creating a trendy and rebellious look for your daughter is a good idea. You can pair a playful vegan leather jacket over a band t-shirt with rockstar jeans and shiny stardust boots

Finish off with edgy accessories like a choker necklace or a cool beanie. It's a great choice for your daughter to showcase her individuality and love for Taylor's more energetic tracks. 

8. All Too Well

“All Too Well” is quite an emotional ballad about a past relationship. Taylor Swift recently brought out a 10-minute version, and it is said to be the version she’ll be singing on stage.

Because of the intense emotions played in this song, your daughter can settle for an elegant and timeless outfit. Choose a beautiful minty floral dress and a delicate fuzzy hearts cardigan for a touch of sophistication. 

Your daughter captures the song's sentimentality and emotional depth with this outfit. It allows your daughter to embody the grace and elegance of Taylor's storytelling. 

9. Style

Another pop song with a sleek and infectious vibe, this song celebrates the love of a captivating relationship. With its catchy chorus and polished sound, we’ve got the perfect outfit for this song. 

You need to look for something chic and fashionable for your daughter. Dress her in a trendy off-the-shoulder top paired with satin bow jeans. Complete the look with a sleek hairstyle, like a ponytail or loose waves.

This outfit lets your daughter showcase her love for fashion and embrace her inner fashionista. The ensemble oozes confidence and glamour, making your daughter feel like a true style icon.

10. Blank Space

Another on the list would be this catchy and satirical pop song. This song is quite dark but a bit sassy in tone. 

If you're choosing this song for your daughter’s fitspiration, dress your daughter in a mermaid magic sequin flip dress. Add some statement earrings and a dramatic hat or headpiece.

What we love about the outfit we chose is how it can be playful and theatrical in spirit. It's a fun, attention-grabbing look that allows your daughter to embrace her inner performer.

11. Wildest Dreams

This song is another dreamy, romantic track that transports listeners to a nostalgic and cinematic love story. It has a slow tempo and is reminiscent of '80s synth-pop ballads.

This song gives out an elegant, ethereal outfit, so we suggest our lavender butterfly fairy dress. It’s a flowy dress with a soft pastel color and a butterfly pattern at the back. 

For her footwear, you can let her add some black strappy sandals or ballet flats to the outfit. This fashion staple allows your daughter to embrace her inner dreamer. It’s a graceful and timeless look for the Eras concert.

12. Karma

Karma is the song that will end the Eras tour. It is an empowering and anthemic track that celebrates self-confidence and rising about negativity.

This song goes with a perfect outfit that lets your girls stand up for themselves. We can start by dressing your daughter in a colorful jumpsuit or a top paired with pink lemonade sequin joggers or a skirt. 

This outfit choice captures the song's uplifting and positive vibe. The outfit makes it look fun and energetic, which creates an empowering look for the concert.

Wrap-Up: Get Your Mini-Me Outfits Ready for the Eras Tour

With an exciting lineup of Taylor Swift's hit songs from various eras, it's time to prepare your little girl outfits for the Eras Tour.

Remember to consider the song's theme through our shared songs and choose an age-appropriate and comfortable attire. Most importantly, let your daughter's personality shine through. 

So, get ready to rock the concert with these mini-me outfits available on Lola & The Boys. All these outfits will make your daughter feel like a star alongside Taylor Swift. 

Let the Eras Tour be a memorable experience filled with music, fashion, and the joy of being a mini-me in Taylor's magical world!