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June 19, 2024

Styling Tips for the Perfect Butterfly Hair Clip Look

Did you know that butterfly hair clips took flight in the '90sand have made a spectacular comeback? It's true! These little beauties are perfect for adding a touch of grace and fun to your kiddo’s look. Let’s flutter through some styling tips to make sure your child nails that perfect butterfly hair clip look!

Choosing the Right Butterfly Hair Clip

Butterfly hair clips come in various styles, colors, and sizes, making them suitable for every age and any occasion. They can transform a simple ponytail or make a braided crown feel like it belongs in a fairy tale. But how do you achieve that perfect butterfly look? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these tips!

But, before exploring hairstyles, let’s talk about choosing the right butterfly hair clip.

  • Consider Size: For younger children, smaller butterfly clips might be more practical and comfortable. Older kids and preteens can go for larger statement pieces.
  • Color Coordination: Match the butterfly clip to the outfit. Bright-colored clips can add a pop of color to neutral outfits, while pastel clips can complement vibrant clothes.
  • Consider Size: Opt for clips with sturdy materials that can withstand playtime, like the adorable options at Lola and the Boys.

With these tips, your child will be ready to flutter with style and confidence.

Creating the Perfect Butterfly Look

Creating a perfect butterfly look for your child is easy with the right butterfly hair clips. Use these styling tips tips to get you started.

  • The Classic Half-Up Butterfly Style

    One of the easiest and most adorable ways to use a butterfly hair clip is in a half-up hairstyle. Here's how to achieve this look:

    1. Start with Clean, Dry Hair: Brush your child's hair thoroughly to remove any tangles.
    2. Section the Hair: Take the top half of the hair and gather it into a small ponytail.
    3. Secure with an Elastic: Use a small, clear elastic to secure the ponytail.
    4. Add the Butterfly Clip: Place the butterfly clip over the elastic for a pretty finish.

    This look is perfect for school days or casual outings, giving your child a touch of elegance without a lot of fuss.

  • Braided Crown with Butterfly Accents

    For a more intricate style, try a braided crown adorned with butterfly clips. This hairstyle is ideal for special occasions like birthday parties or family gatherings.

    1. Part the Hair: Brush your child's hair thoroughly to remove any tangles.
    2. Create Two Braids: Take the top half of the hair and gather it into a small ponytail.
    3. Wrap and Secure: Use a small, clear elastic to secure the ponytail.
    4. Add Butterfly Clips: Place the butterfly clip over the elastic for a pretty finish.

    This enchanting braided crown will make your child feel like royalty at any special event.

  • Twisted Bun with Butterfly Clips

    This elegant twisted bun style accented with butterfly clips is perfect for dance recitals or formal events.

    1. Gather the Hair: Pull the hair back into a low ponytail and secure it with an elastic.
    2. Twist and Wrap: Twist the ponytail and wrap it around the base to form a bun.
    3. Pin in Place: Secure the bun with bobby pins.
    4. Decorate with Butterfly Clips: Attach butterfly clips around the bun for a charming touch.

    This sophisticated twisted bun with butterfly accents will add a charming flair to any formal occasion. Experiment with different clip placements and hair textures to create a variety of looks.

Other Adorable Accessories at Lola and the Boys

While the butterfly hair clip is undeniably enchanting, let’s not forget about other fun hair accessories available at Lola and the Boys. These playful pieces can be mixed and matched to create endless styling possibilities.

Unicorn Hair Clips

Unicorns symbolize magic and wonder. Incorporate unicorn clips into your child's hairstyle for an extra dash of fun.

  • Pigtails: Add a unicorn clip to each pigtail for a cute and coordinated look.
  • Side Swept Hair: Sweep one side of the hair back and secure it with a unicorn clip for a stylish effect.

Gummy Bear Hair Clips

Gummy bear hair clips bring a touch of sweetness to any look. Here are a couple of styling ideas:

  • Messy Bun: Pull the hair into a messy bun and secure it with a gummy bear clip for a playful vibe.
  • Braided Pigtails: Add gummy bear clips to the ends of braided pigtails for a charming finish.

Cherry Strawberry Hair Clips

Cherry and strawberry hair clips are perfect for summer styles. They add a juicy pop of color and fun to any outfit.

  • Ponytail: Spice up a regular ponytail by attaching a cherry or strawberry clip at the base.
  • Double Clips: Use two clips on either side of a center part for a balanced and adorable look.

Scrunchies for Every Occasion

Let’s not forget about the timeless scrunchie! From velvet to patterned, scrunchies add volume and style effortlessly.

  • High Ponytail: A high ponytail secured with a vibrant scrunchie is a classic, chic look.
  • Low Bun: Tie a low bun with a scrunchie for a relaxed yet polished appearance.

These are only some of the magical accessories available at Lola and the Boys, designed to add charm and personality to any hairstyle. Experiment with different combinations to create unique and stylish looks for your child.

Kids’ Hairstyles for Different Occasions

Now that you know some cute hairstyles to try, you may be curious about when to use them. In this section, let’s pair specific styles with different occasions to help you make the best choice for your child.

1. School Days

For school days, you want hairstyles that are both stylish and practical. Here are some ideas:

  • Low Ponytail with Butterfly Clip: A low ponytail is easy to manage and looks adorable with a butterfly clip at the base.
  • Headband with Scrunchie: Use a headband to keep hair out of the face and a scrunchie for a pop of color in a low bun.

2. Playdates

Playdates call for fun and hassle-free hairstyles. Try these:

  • Double Buns with Gummy Bear Clips: Create two buns on either side of the head and add gummy bear clips for a playful look.
  • Side Braid with Unicorn Clip: A simple side braid secured with a unicorn clip is both cute and practical.

3. Special Events

For special events, you can go all out with more intricate styles:

  • Braided Crown with Butterfly Clips: As mentioned earlier, this is a show-stopping look perfect for birthdays or family gatherings.
  • Curly Locks with Cherry Clips: Curl the hair and use cherry clips to pull back sections for an elegant yet fun style.

Experimenting with these hairstyles can make any occasion special for your child. Have fun trying out these looks and watch them shine at every event!

Final Thoughts: Mastering the Butterfly Hair Clip Style

Butterfly hair clips enhance your child's hairstyle with elegance and whimsy. These versatile accessories can add a touch of charm to any look. Experiment with different placements and combinations to find the perfect style that suits your child. With endless possibilities, each day offers a new opportunity to create a captivating and unique appearance.