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June 07, 2022

Stay Current with the Latest Kids’ Swimwear Trends This Summer 2022

Most children like playing at the beach, swimming in a pool, or splashing in whatever water is available. A child's first priority when it comes to swimming and water activity is pleasure, not sun protection. The ordinary child isn't concerned with quick-drying and breathable materials, or with swimsuit aesthetics.

Sun protection, swimsuit fabric, and other matters youngsters deem unimportant are left to parents. We understand that parents have little free time, which is why we chose to write this post to provide you with a fast overview of what we believe are the loveliest kids' swimwear and wardrobe trends for summer 2022.

We also sell a unique selection of boys' and girls' swimwear at Lola and the Boys. Splashing in the water will be more fun with our vibrant variety of girls' swimwear, which includes anything from brilliantly colored swimsuits to on-trend bikinis. Our whole Kids Beach Patrol collection is meant to be sun-wise and UV-protective.

  • Observe Color

Celebrate the bright sunny days with a variety of colorful kids' summer clothing in the newest colors for boys and girls. Girls are dressed in a variety of pastel colors. This season's color palette includes lemon yellows, powder pinks, and pastel blues.

The gingham cloth is making a comeback, as is the ombre. The Sunset colors mostly fade, from pale orange to dim yellow to white. Boys are a touch more butch, with camo designs making a comeback. This time in blue, green, pink, and yellow hues, or paired with brightly colored things of these hues.

T-shirts and polos with vivid stripes, vibrant colors, and designs will be worn by the best-dressed lads this summer.

  • Going All-In

Little ladies are going all out in their no-frills outfits. This summer, bright summer hues are a prominent theme in children's fashion. Classic summer skirts with flower designs are appearing everywhere.

For young teenagers and their younger sisters, floaty, feminine blouses with tassels, an off-the-shoulder shape, or bell sleeves are equally charming. Animal designs, polka dots, and stripes are safe bets for a more daring approach in Kids Summer Clothes. This summer is all about having a good time.

  • Glam Rock Fashion

Young men and women are reliving the glam rock era of the 1970s and 1980s with their own toned-down versions. When worn by the smallest rock stars, black faux leather, studs, and a little glitter are a charming interpretation of this retro style. Leggings are incredibly fashionable and comfy for busy youngsters, and animal designs are prominent once again in this outfit.

Glam rock has never been gendered, making it a terrific aesthetic for little girls going through a tomboy phase. To complete the outfit, don't forget to wear sunglasses and a trendy hat.

  • Pattern Also Works

Vibrant hues are accompanied by geometric motifs and bright prints. Travel landscapes of palm beaches and deserts are making a comeback on shirts, animals, fish, and automobiles.

Geometric motifs are now popular. Triangles, diamonds, circles, and zigzags combine to make multi-colored patterns. The more daring and detailed the design, the better. These themes may be seen on the most recent t-shirt, swimsuit, shorts, and dress designs.


Swimwear is just as important in the summertime as it is during any other season. In fact, with the hot weather and longer days, there’s even more of a need for cute and comfortable swimsuits that will keep your little ones looking stylish by the pool or at the beach. At Lola and the Boys, we have a wide range of kid’s swimwear to choose from so you can find the perfect suits for your family. Whether you’re looking for matching sets or fun and funky designs, we’ve got you covered. So don’t wait any longer — head over to our website today and check out our latest collections!