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October 10, 2022

Parents' Guide To Shopping Kids' Leggings

October 18th is International Leggings Day, and we’re celebrating by sharing with you some tips to help you find the best leggings for your little one. But first, let’s talk about how versatile leggings are and the reasons why we love them.

Leggings are a must-have fashion item that’s perfect for everyday wear, any season, or any occasion. They are tight-fitting, stretchy, high-rise, and comfy on-the-go pants

Did you know that aside from its different colors and prints, there are actually different types of leggings? We’ll talk about that in detail in the next section:

Different Types Of Kids Leggings

Leggings come in different types depending on length, style, and material. In regards to length, leggings can be mid-calf, knee-length, or ankle-length.

In terms of fabric, leggings can be made of velvet, metallic nylon spandex (or spandex polyester), cotton spandex, leather, and other types of stretchy fabrics.

Some leggings are plain, shiny,patterned, sequined, glittery, and multi-colored.

Here are some other different styles of leggings:

  • Stirrup Leggings.
    Not all leggings are footless. Stirrup leggings have a stirrup or a strap on each leg opening to hold the pant legs in place. These are mostly used in sporting activities such as gymnastics, aerobics, and ballet but can also be worn as a fashion statement.
  • Footed Leggings.
    We often see these as baby garments, but footed leggings for big kids kids and adults are also a thing and are mostly called tights. Tights are made out of sheer fabric and are commonly worn under another garment, such as a dress.
  • Jeggings.
    Compared with denim jeans, jean leggings, most commonly known as jeggings, are comfortable to wear even during active movements.

    Jeggings can come with pockets or fake ones to make them look like denim. We’re not complaining – they actually look cute!

  • Skeggings.
    Of course, we can’t ignore the most debated legging trend – the skeggings. Some love them, some hate them, and some consider them a mere fashion fad. Skeggings or skirted leggings (or a skirt with built-in leggings, if that’s how you want to look at it). These are mostly worn as sportswear but can also be a cute, casual outfit for a day out.

Now that we know the different types of leggings to choose from, let us share with you some useful tips when shopping for leggings for your little one.

How To Find The Best Leggings For Girls

Shopping for leggings that will look good on your little princess is a no-brainer. Any design can look cute on any girl, and there’s so much to choose from!

What you need to consider when buying leggings for little girls are the fabric and the type of leggings that will be appropriate. This depends on your child’s personality and when she’s going to wear them.

  • Best leggings for activewear. If you’re looking for activewear or leggings for a typically active child, choose stirrup leggings to make sure that the legs of the pants stay in place no matter how much she moves.
  • Buying leggings for kids with tactile issues When shopping for girl leggings, you’ll also need to consider the fabric of the leggings. Some children with sensory issues can’t tolerate certain textures, so be sure always to check what fabric you are buying. Take note of what your child particularly hates and likes and consider that when shopping.
  • Recommended leggings for cold weather Some leggings are designed as leg warmers and can’t be used during the summer months or as activewear. For the cold months, go for fleece-lined, wool, or cashmere leggings to keep your girl’s legs warm.
  • Recommended leggings for summer For hot weather or during physical activities, we recommend leggings made out of comfortable and stretchy cotton blends such as cotton spandex.

Tips When Shopping For Leggings For Boys

Leggings for boys may be called other names, including meggings, harem joggers, stretchy joggers, and athletic pants.

When shopping for leggings for your little boy, you need to consider a few things. We’ve already shared some recommendations above, as most of the considerations when buying girls leggings also apply when buying leggings for boys. We’ll add one more important advice:

Some would consider men’s leggings as too revealing, so most men prefer to wear harem leggings or joggers. Harem leggings are billowy and not too fitted at the hips area but tight-fitted at the mid-calf or ankle. Harem leggings offer maximum comfort while moving around and have been a popular fashion trend for dancers and sports enthusiasts.

For boys, it’s all about what they want to wear to look good and comfortable. Whether they prefer to wear leggings, meggings, harem joggers, or whatever they feel confident wearing, the important thing is they are comfortable and happy with their outfits.

Happy International Leggings Day, and we hope you enjoy these tips as much as we do. Check out the selection of fashionable leggings for kidsat Lola and the Boys – from mermaid, galaxy to metallic and cute patterned leggings.