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December 26, 2022

One-Of-A-Kind Bags For Kids At Lola + The Boys

When it comes to bags, there are the classics, the trendy yet simple, and then there are the quirky ones. If your kid enjoys anything fun and attention-grabbing, they’ll love these unique and fashionable bags at Lola + the Boys:

1.French Fries Fidget Purse

This is a yummy-looking crossbody bag - wait, what? This French Fries Fidget Purse is sure to earn a second look and is a distinctively cute addition to any outfit. It doubles as a fidget pop-it toy that will make those little hands busy anywhere they go. Get one for your child, or give it as a gift.

2.Crystal Purse

Our crystal purse is sparkly and comes in fun styles such as a cupcake, lipstick, panda, and teddy bear. Your child is sure to be the star of any party with this unique bag!

3.Pearl Love Purse

This pearl love purse has a simple design yet is fashionable in its own way. It is made of elegant pearl beads and comes in a pink and white variety.

4.Plushie Surprise Purse

Any kid loves plushies. They are going to love this Plushie Surprise Purse decorated with not just one, not just two but lots of different plushies. What a cute way to make a fashion statement!

5.Flamingo Fun Backpack

This Flamingo Fun Backpack is adorably pastel pink. It features a flamingo plushie with cute dangling legs that makes it appear like it’s walking in midair.

6.Teddy Plush Backpack

The classic teddy plush toy turned into a backpack; how cute is that? This Teddy Plush Backpack doubles as a teddy they can hug when they feel the need for it. It is the ultimate travel or school companion for little kids!

7.Cosmic Queen Teddy Backpack

The famous teddy plushie got a makeover– it is now a cosmic queen teddy and is cuter than ever! This Cosmic Queen Teddy Backpack gives off a modern cosmic vibe that any child will love.

8.Shark Bite Mini Backpack

Oddly cute with a touch of scary, this Shark Bite Mini Backpack is the perfect backpack for boys and girls with a unique fashion sense.

9.Gem Unicorn Head Crossbody

This Gem Unicorn Head Crossbody is for any child who loves unicorns. It has a metallic face and sparkly hair in adorable pastel colors. Easily upgrade any of your child’s outfits with this stylish crossbody bag.

10.Winged Mermaid Mini Backpack

This Winged Mermaid Mini Backpack is a stylish bag any little girl will want to have. It is decorated with a pair of wings and mermaid-themed confetti over the front pocket. It also features pastel mermaid hues that kids will find attractive.

11.Mini Pastel Shimmer Backpack

Holographic pastel colors decorated with shimmery sequin and a glittery butterfly accent– what’s not to love about this Mini Pastel Shimmer Backpack? Your little one will want to use this practical and fashionable bag in school or just on any trip!

Want to see more bag designs? Check out more fashion items at Lola + the Boys. We also carry sneakers, fashion clothes, and accessories that kids and mommies will love. Browse our collection today.