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October 23, 2023

Mix and Match: Creative Ways to Style Co-Ord Sets for Kids

You may think of co-ord sets as a recent fashion phenomenon, but did you know that the concept of co-ord sets was actually inspired by Coco Chanel's innovative introduction of women’s suits in the 1920s? Ever since this fashion-forward trend has been making waves and has now found a charming home in the world of children's fashion. 

Imagine your little one donning a stylish co-ord set, turning heads at every corner, and making their own fashion statement. It's just too cute to resist, isn't it? Let's dive into the colorful and playful world of coord sets for kids!

The Basics: Understanding Co-Ord Sets

Co-ord sets, short for coordinates, are matching two-piece outfits that usually consist of a top and bottom. They come in various styles, colors, patterns, and materials. For kids, these sets can be a fun way to express their personality and creativity.

Patterns and Prints:  From floral designs to animal prints, stripes, polka dots, or even quirky cartoon characters, co-ord sets for kids are available in a myriad of patterns that can cater to any child's imaginative mind.

Colors:  Co-ord sets for kids offer a palette of vibrant hues. Whether your little one is a fan of pastels, or primary colors, or loves a good monochrome look, there's a co-ord set to suit every preference.

Styles:  The versatility of co-ord sets lies in their variety. Whether it's a ruffled shirt with a matching skirt, a hoodie and jogger set, or a button-down shirt paired with shorts, there's a style for every occasion.

Creative Co-Ord Set Styling Tips

Now that we've covered the basics, let's delve into some ingenious ways to style co-ord sets for kids. With these tips and tricks, you'll be able to unleash your child's inner fashionista, making their outfits stand out in the crowd.

  • Layer it Up: Adding layers can instantly elevate a co-ord set. Consider pairing a plain co-ord set with a patterned jacket or vest. Or, for a more casual look, throw a denim jacket over a brightly colored set.
  • Accessorize: Accessories not only add a touch of glamor but also allow your child to express their individual style. Statement necklaces, funky hats, colorful scarves, or even cute backpacks can take a co-ord set from basic to chic.
  • Play with Textures: Mixing different textures can add depth and interest to an outfit. Try pairing a velvet co-ord set with a leather jacket, or a cotton set with a faux fur vest.
  • Add Prints: Co-ord sets don't have to be monotone. Experiment with fun prints like florals, stripes, or polka dots. Even mixing different prints can create a unique and stylish look.
  • Belt it: Adding a belt to a co-ord set can give it a whole new dimension. It not only accentuates the waistline but also adds a stylish element to the outfit.
  • Experiment with Sizes: Oversized tees or crop tops paired with fitted shorts or vice versa can make a trendy co-ord set. Don't stick to traditional fits; play around with sizes for a cool, fashion-forward look.

Styling co-ord sets for kids is all about being creative and daring. From layering, accessorizing, playing with textures, to adding prints, using belts, and experimenting with sizes - the possibilities are endless. With these tips, your child's co-ord sets will never look boring or mundane.

The Power of Shoes: Making a Statement

When it comes to styling co-ord sets, never underestimate the power of footwear! Shoes can make or break an outfit, and when chosen correctly, they can add that perfect finishing touch to your little one's ensemble.

  • Sneaker Magic: Sneakers are not only comfortable but also incredibly versatile. Pair a bright co-ord set with white sneakers for a clean, fresh look, or go bold with neon or patterned sneakers to make a statement.
  • Boots for All: Boots can add a dash of sophistication to any outfit. A leather co-ord set paired with ankle boots makes for a chic, fall-ready look, while cowboy boots can give a denim set a fun, western twist.
  • Sandals and More: For warmer weather, sandals are a great choice. They can keep your child’s feet cool, and when paired with a light, breezy co-ord set, they create the perfect summer outfit.

The right footwear can significantly elevate a co-ord set, adding a unique touch to your child's overall look. From the versatility of sneakers and the sophistication of boots to the breezy charm of sandals, shoes truly have the power to make a statement and transform an outfit.

Mix and Match: Breaking the Rules

Who says co-ord sets always have to match? One of the best things about these sets is their versatility. Here are some fun ways to mix and match pieces for a unique look:

  • Contrasting Colors: Don't shy away from pairing pieces of contrasting colors. A pink top with green shorts or a blue shirt with yellow pants can make for an eye-catching outfit.
  • Mixing Patterns: Mixing patterns can be a bit tricky, but when done right, it can result in a truly standout look. Try pairing a striped top with polka dot shorts, or a floral shirt with plaid pants. The key is to ensure that the colors complement each other.
  • One Pattern, Different Colors: Another fun way to mix and match is by using the same pattern in different colors. For example, a red and white striped top can be paired with blue and white striped shorts for a nautical-inspired look.
  • Pairing Bold with Subdued Patterns: You can create a balanced look by pairing pieces with bold patterns with those that have more subdued ones. This can prevent your outfit from looking too busy while still making a statement.
  • Combining Dressy and Sporty Elements: As suggested by StyleFav., you can mix dressy elements with sporty ones for a chic, contemporary look. For example, a sequin top could be paired with casual joggers or a dressy skirt with a sporty hoodie.
  • Matching Sets with Different Tones: Consider keeping your outfit colors in the same style but in different tones. This can create a harmonious look while allowing each piece to stand out.
  • Mixing Different Types of Fabric: Experimenting with different types of fabric can result in distinct and attractive looks. Try mixing silk with denim, or leather with cotton for an unexpected yet stylish combo.
  • Mixing Prints: Instyle suggests mixing prints for a unique and trendy look. For instance, you could pair a floral print with a geometric one, or mix animal prints with stripes.

Fashion is all about expressing oneself, and there's no better way for your child to showcase their personality than by rocking a co-ord set in their own unique way. So go ahead, let them mix and match, layer up, accessorize, and most importantly, have fun with it! After all, the best style is one that makes your child feel confident and happy.

Shopping at Lola and the Boys

If you're on the hunt for trendy, high-quality coord sets for kids, Lola and the Boys got you covered. Our collection boasts a wide range of styles, colors, and patterns that are sure to make your little one the most fashionable kid on the block. Plus, our pieces are designed with comfort in mind, ensuring your child can play and explore while looking their best. Here are some of our top picks:

For Girls:

  1. Disco Feather Set - This vibrant set will let your little girl shine bright with its unique feather details and colorful design.

  2. Taylor Crystal Set - A stylish set adorned with crystals, perfect for when your girl wants to feel like a star.

  3. Soda Pop Set - A fun and playful set that's as bubbly and lively as your little one.

  4. Sugar Flash Lounge Pant Set - A comfy lounge pant set that doesn't compromise on style, perfect for laid-back days.

  5. Pink Gem Gingham Sweater Set - A sweet gingham set accented with pink gems for a touch of sparkle.

  6. Light Pink Plaid Set - A chic plaid set in a soft pink color that exudes a fresh and trendy vibe.

  7. Emerald Sparkle Sequin Set - A dazzling sequin set in a rich emerald color for those times when your girl wants to make a bold statement.

For Boys:

  1. Super Popsicle Set - A cool and vibrant set that's as fun as a summer day, featuring playful popsicle prints.

  2. Tulum Set - A stylish and versatile set that can take your boy from playdates to parties with ease.

  3. Pop Dino Set - A fun and quirky set featuring pop dinosaur prints, perfect for your little adventurer.

At Lola and the Boys, we offer a varied collection of stylish and comfy coord sets for kids. With our unique designs and high-quality materials, your child will not only look fashionable but also enjoy their childhood in comfort and style.

Co-Ord Sets For Kids: A Fashionable Conclusion

Co-ord sets serve as a versatile and exciting addition to any child's wardrobe, offering a playful avenue for self-expression and individual style. They break the monotony with their mix-and-match potential, seasonal adaptability, and endless accessorizing possibilities. As we continue to see this fashion trend evolve, it's clear that co-ord sets are here to stay, providing children with the opportunity to explore, experiment, and express their unique style. So, let your child embrace the co-ord trend, where comfort meets style, and every day is a chance to make a fashion statement.