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November 15, 2022

Kids Photo Shoot Theme And Outfit Ideas

Kids grow up so fast, so make sure to capture special moments of their childhood and do it in a creative way that they will enjoy.

If you are looking for ideas on what theme and outfits to use for your kid’s photo shoot, this list will help you create some amazing photos for their birthday party, a family photo shoot, or any purpose.

1. Nature

Nature is a great place to start if you want a fun photo shoot for your little one. You can take them outside and have them play around with nature. If they are indoors, you can use props that represent nature, like pine cones, flowers, sticks, etc.

Outfit ideas:
When taking outdoor nature shots, make sure to dress your child for the weather. Choose outfits with breathable fabric for the summer and warm cozy layers for the cold weather.

Also, consider which outfit will blend with the colors in the environment. For instance, summer and spring give off a softer color palette and the colder season gives off brown and orange hues.

With this in mind, choose clothes in soft neutral colors when taking pictures during the spring and summer seasons. Deep colors such as magenta, deep blues, and dark green can work well during autumn and winter. For any nature photo, you’ll want to avoid any neon and very bright colors that will look off in natural lighting and setting.

2. Animals

Animals are another popular theme for a kids' photo shoot. If you have pets at home, they are a good addition to a kid's photo. However, if you don't have any animals at home, another option is to go outside and look for any wildlife. You can take pictures of interesting birds, butterflies, and insects with your child.

Alternatively, If you can’t find any animal at all, you can also take shots of your child wearing adorable animal costumes or any animal-themed outfits that they like.

Outfit ideas:
Dress your kids in whatever animal-themed outfit they prefer. There's no limit to the type of outfit they can wear so let them get creative! You can also dress your pet in cute outfits to add a touch of “awww” to the photo.

3. All Things Fancy

This versatile theme speaks for itself– just choose any pretty concept your little one considers “fancy” and set up a backdrop around that theme. Here are some beautiful themes you can use:

Outfit ideas:
Depending on the theme your child will choose, take your child to a magical world using backdrops, props, and outfits related to the theme. Dresses, costumes, and graphic tees are some of the outfit options to consider.

4. Space Themed

Kids have a special fascination with the idea of space exploration and anything space-related, be it planets, galaxies, astronauts, and space crafts. They’ll be over the moon with a magical space-themed photo shoot with them wearing space-related outfits.

Outfit ideas:
Astronaut costumes, galaxy-themed outfits, and NASA or planet graphic tees are some good outfit ideas for kids who love anything about space.

5. Sibling Love

Every family photo album won’t be complete without sibling photos. It allows you to cherish memories of their childhood and their beautiful relationship as siblings.

Outfit ideas:
Dress your kids with matching outfits that will look good on both of them. You can also choose coordinating outfits that will reflect each of their personality and match the color palette of the background.

6. Fashion Icon

Let your child be a fashion icon for a photo shoot. Set up a fashion show stage backdrop and let your child’s imagination soar. You can also play a runway music background to help your child get in the zone.

Outfit ideas:
Allow your little one to choose any fashionable and comfortable outfit they want. Don’t forget to remind your child to wear their best smile and be confident with their look.

The key to a great family or birthday photo is to be natural as possible and capture authentic moments you’ll cherish forever. More than just helping your child look good in their outfits, strive to make them feel comfortable, relaxed, and excited for the shoot. If you need comfy and stylish outfits for photo shoots and everyday wear, visit our website at lolaandtheboys.com.