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November 24, 2022

Kids Fashion Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

Kids' fashion has always been fun and creative, but there are new trends coming into play that will keep parents on their toes. Here are some of the hottest kids' fashions to look forward to in 2023.

More color options than ever before!

As technology continues to advance, we will continue to see new ways to express ourselves through our clothing. This means that we’ll also see more color options than ever before.

More clothes in bold colors, such as this yellow polo shirt and this hologram bomber, and graphic prints, such as this punk bear hoodie and this nutella white tee will emerge, blessing us with more unexpected color combinations.

Sneakers will be even bigger!

Sneaker brands are getting more daring with their designs, so expect to see sneakers with bolder colors and patterns.We’ll see more bright neon hues, geometric prints, and unconventional color combinations in 2023 and beyond. Sparkly sneakers will also still be in style for kids who’d want to make a striking fashion statement.

A return to classic styles.

While some people might think that kids' fashion trends are only going to evolve as fast as technology allows, there are still plenty of timeless looks that will remain popular well into the future. Timeless fashion styles for kids include graphic tees, cardigans, jeans, cargo shorts, denim jackets, and leggings.

For footwear, boots, loafers, and sneakers in classic colorways will still be popular. These timeless fashion items provide an easy-to-pull-off look that will never go out of style.

Headbands will be big again.

If you’re looking for a new trend to try with your little ones, headbands are one of the hottest items that are making a comeback in 2023. They come in so many different styles and colors, making them easy to match with any outfit. Browse our Lola + the Boys headband collection here.

Puff Sleeves are still in.

Puff sleeves direct the attention to the wearer’s arms and give off an elegant, effortless look. We’re going to see more of these puff sleeves in the coming years, which can come as dresses, t-shirts, and sweatshirts.

Coordinating sets are still in fashion.

Coordinating or matching top and bottom sets will still be a popular fashion choice for kids in 2023. Coordinating sets are easy to pull together and can help create a refined, balanced look. They are also versatile pieces of clothing that you can mix and match with other outfits to create a variety of looks. Coordinating sets can come as jogger + top, shorts and tee, skirt and top, athletic, blazer and a skirt, and even sleepwear!

On a final note, no matter what clothing trend emerges, children’s comfort should be our top priority when shopping for kids' clothes.

If you are looking for high-quality, fashionable clothes for kids, Lola + the Boys offers clothes that are not only fashionable in 2023 and the years to come but, more importantly, also provides the ultimate comfort for kids. Visit us at and check out what we have in store for you and your little ones.