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October 31, 2022

How to Look Stylish in Outerwear | Kids' Fashion Tips

Dressing your kids for the outdoors is one thing; trying to make them look stylish in outerwear is another. When dressing your kids for the weather, it’s sometimes not enough to just make them haphazardly put on any random outfits. You also need to make sure they look good in them.

Whether you are dressing your kids for fall or winter, applying these tips will help your kids look stylish in their outerwear:

Choose Versatile Pieces

When choosing outerwear for your child, opt for versatile pieces that you can mix and match with each other to create more variety of outfits. Stock up on different graphic tees, pants or skirts, and outerwear, as these are layering staples that your kid's closet needs during the cold weather.

The best thing about having versatile pieces of clothing is that you can style them differently each time and create various looks for your child without breaking the bank. What’s more, mixing and matching your kids’ clothes can be a fun activity you and your child can do together.

Choose coordinating patterns and colors.

Make sure to choose outfits in patterns and colors that complement each other to create a well-put-together look. You don’t want your kid's clothes to clash with each other and create a visually distracting combination.

Choose at least one piece of clothing in a solid neutral color, such as black, white, or brown, that goes along with any clothes. Then, give your child the liberty to choose whatever they want to pair it with.

Consider your child’s interests and personality.

Kids have different personalities - that’s a well-known fact. A kid who loves brightly colored clothes may not like muted, pastel ones, and vice versa. Make sure to consider your child’s personality when shopping for layering outfits to ensure that the outfits will highlight your child’s personality instead of going against it.

Also, consider their Interests when choosing clothes. Do your child love unicorns, care bears, cute patches,or rainbows -- some outerwear has some extra decorative details that your child may find adorable. Let them choose outfits that evoke their interests, and your child is sure to love their look more and feel more confident wearing them.

Make sure they can move freely.

When deciding which outerwear to buy for your child, it is also essential to make sure to choose clothes that will allow them freedom of movement. Making them wear clothing that restricts their movement will not only make it difficult for them to do their usual activities, but they will also look ridiculously boxy.

Keep the rest of the look fitted.

Pairing oversized and loose-fitting outerwear with loose inner clothes will make your child feel and look extra bulky. To find a harmonious balance with your child's outfit, a good rule of thumb is to pair bulky outerwear with a fitted top and slim-fitting pants.

Look for deals on kids' clothes.

As parents, we also need to find ways to save on our kids' clothing, as they will outgrow them in a few years, anyway. Even better if you can find affordable, fashionable, and quality clothing that your kids will thank you for now and later.

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