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September 04, 2022

How to Dress Your Kids (A Guide for Moms and Dads)

It's ok to shy away from style while they're little.
You can always let them wear whatever they want. But then, when they hit the age where their peers are giving them a hard time for being ugly or weird, it's too late to teach them how to dress well. You need to start early and be consistent in your efforts.

Get them clothes that are easy to get off and on.
They will be learning how to dress, and you don't want them to get frustrated because it takes too long. Also, if they can easily get dressed on their own, then there's less chance of them taking forever in the morning and making you late for work (which will happen when you have to do everything for them).

Buy them good socks.
Socks that don't fit well are uncomfortable, and uncomfortable kids are more likely to be grumpy and difficult.

Avoid complicated outfits.
If you have to put together a lot of pieces, it will take longer. And if the outfit is complicated for your child to put on, then they'll be even more frustrated than usual.

Don't fight the shape of their bodies.
If your child is tall and thin, get them clothes that fit that shape. If they're short and stocky, don't buy them tight clothes or anything with horizontal stripes.

Don't be afraid to dress them in color.
If your child's wardrobe is mostly black, white, or gray, it's time to add some color. Color can be fun and exciting for kids. It can also help them stand out in a crowd of kids wearing similar outfits.

Let them express themselves.
If your child has an interest in a certain type of clothing, let them wear it. If they want to wear jeans and a T-shirt every day, don't force them into something more formal.

Don't overthink it.
If your child comes to you and says they want to wear something different than what you would choose, don't worry about it. Kids have a sense of style that doesn't always match up with their parents. Let them express themselves and see what happens.

You don't have to be a fashionista to dress your kid well! As long as they're clean, well-groomed, and comfortable, your child will be ready to face the day. The most important thing is to let them express themselves through their clothing.