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March 10, 2022

Helpful Tips to Dress for Spring Season

It felt impossible, but spring is approaching! The days are long, sunny, hot, and rainy, but there is one unavoidable thing. Soak a wet child. No matter what the final destination, no matter how clean the costumes are, children can't resist the urge to dive into a puddle as they pass by.

Getting wet is part of spring and nothing can change it right away. So, as a parent, how do you fight the imminent flooders on your way? Here are some tips on how to stay dry (or stay dry) amid a wet spring.

  • Invest in a Good Pair of Rubber Boots

Your child must have the correct size rubber boots for their feet. Shoes that are too small can be very painful to a child's feet and cause blisters, especially if the feet are wet. If your boots are too large, your feet will be slippery and can sink completely into a puddle. The right size of rubber boots is perfect for dry springtime.

  • Load Extra Clothing

If your child goes to a nursery, spends the day at a friend's house, or leaves the house, be prepared and pack extra dry clothes. Children can get caught in a rain shower, splatter in a passing car, or wear wet socks from a puddle, even if they aren't playing outside.

Having dry clothes on hand will help keep your child warm and dry. At the very least, pack a lot of extra socks. Wet feet can be a pretty miserable day for everyone!

  • Do Layering

Spring is a difficult time of the year when it comes to predicting temperatures. Some days deserve a winter coat, while others offer little guarantee for a sweater. But preparing for all the possibilities when you leave home is the most difficult dressing task parents have to face. The best scenario is to cover the child with a thin layer. Dress up your kids with lightly lined splash pants, along with a sweater or light jacket. Don't forget to always wear a warm hat and send your child. It's easier to remove a layer than to add one that you don't have.

Spring is a fun time for kids and doesn't forget to always find a way to be wet & messy no matter what! As a parent, it's important to be prepared for any spring depression that your child may want to get in the way of you.