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April 24, 2022

Gender-neutral Fashion Should Begin in the Children's Section

Gone are the days when a girl wore pink and a boy wore blue. Gender neutrality is becoming increasingly popular among children's clothing brands.

Gender-Neutrality Definition

The definition of gender-neutral kids' fashion is actually quite simple. It simply means that clothing is made and worn regardless of a specific gender.

Gender-neutral brands don't have a girls or boys division, but instead, create timeless outfits that look great to any child. Some parents may be worried that gender-neutral children's clothing may only look a bit boring, with only shades of gray or beige and no real color.

Gender-neutral, unisex, and non-binary. It's easy to become befuddled by all of these different terms. Fortunately, when it comes to children's clothing, the answer is straightforward. The terms "gender-neutral" and "unisex" can be used interchangeably because they both mean "for all." Both contribute to the message that an outfit does not have to conform to any gender stereotype, and that's all there is to it!

Lola and the Boys Supports Gender-Neutrality<

Beyond gray rompers and pastel yellow baby pajamas, many companies proudly describe it as a unisex children's brand. This means that dungarees can be worn by daughters and sons and, if possible, slow down fashion.

And genderless doesn't just mean dressing your child in all black from head to toe. While we like that look, we believe it is important for children to be children, and most children prefer to wear bright colors and fun, playful prints.

While parents and children may disagree on the outfit of the day, we can all agree on one thing: comfort. Children require non-restrictive pieces that allow them to move freely, and we took this into consideration when compiling our list of favorites.

From everyday wardrobe-essentials to your child's first pair of shoes, Lola and the Boys covered it all. Simply browse our website to check on items that are made for both boys and girls.