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May 08, 2024

A Toast to 8 Years of Unforgettable Styles at Lola and the Boys

What if every sparkle, every color, and every fabric could tell a story? Well, at Lola and the Boys, they do.

Eight years ago, we began a mission to honor kids' uniqueness, imagination, and the delight of being young through fashion. This experience has transformed into countless unforgettable memories. So, let’s all don our glittery party hats (we know you have them) as we celebrate 8 years of fashion, joy, and memorable moments.

Reflecting on Our Fashion Story

The story of how Lola and the Boys became a cherished brand in children's fashion starts with a simple dream. We wanted to create clothes that let kids express themselves in vibrant, fun ways. Our unique blend of playful designs and bold colors quickly caught the hearts of many.

As we grew, certain collections and moments stood out, shaping what Lola and the Boys is today. These highlights brought our vision closer to reality. Each one marked a new chapter in our mission to enrich kids' fashion with joy and creativity.

The Heart of Our Collections

Each collection at Lola and the Boys is a reflection of the vibrant, ever-changing world of our children. Let's explore the stories behind some of our most cherished collections:

  • Warner Brothers Collection: This collaboration is like opening a treasure chest of childhood wonders. Dressing up as their favorite characters, from Bugs Bunny to Wonder Woman, kids step into their imagination and carry a piece of their beloved stories with them. It's where fashion meets fantasy, allowing children to be the heroes of their own tales.
  • Birthday Fashion: There's something magical about birthdays, a day that sings the song of our existence. Our Birthday Fashion line captures this enchantment in sequins, bold colors, and designs that make every child feel like the star of the show. These pieces are memories woven into fabric, sparkles that remind us of laughter, wishes, and the sweet taste of cake.
  • Mommy and Me Collection: Fashion is a language of love, a shared secret between hearts. The Mommy and Me collection celebrates this bond, offering styles that echo each other's essence. It's a way to say, "I'm with you," without words, a twinning moment that strengthens connections and builds memories.
  • Back to School Collection: Remember the excitement of a new school year? The crisp pages of textbooks, the promise of new friendships, and of course, the first-day outfit. Our Back to School collection aims to capture that feeling of new beginnings, offering styles that speak confidence, creativity, and the joy of learning.
  • Ballerina Collection: The Ballerina Collection is a dream woven in tulle and satin, designed for young dancers and dreamers alike. It captures the elegance and grace of ballet, making every wearer feel like they're ready for their moment in the spotlight. Perfect for those who live to dance, this collection brings the beauty of ballet to everyday wear.
  • Barbiecore Collection: In our Barbiecore Collection, everything shines in pink. Inspired by the iconic Barbie, this collection transforms daily wear into a celebration of fun and femininity. It's perfect for those who love to see life in pink and make every day a chance to sparkle.
  • BFF Styles: Friendship never looked so stylish as with our BFF Styles. This collection celebrates the unique bond between best friends with coordinating pieces that are as dynamic and vibrant as the friendships they symbolize. It's the ultimate way to share your fashion sense with your closest pal, making every outing a memorable one.
  • Camp Style Collection: The Camp Style Collection is all about embracing the great outdoors with a fashionable twist. It's designed for adventurers at heart, blending comfort with style for under-the-stars escapades and campfire tales. Whether you're exploring the wilderness or just dreaming about it, this collection brings the spirit of adventure to your wardrobe.
  • Celeb Kids Trend Collection: This collection inspires kids to walk the playground like it's a runway. This collection brings the glamor and sophistication of A-list fashion to pint-sized proportions. It's for the trendsetters and future influencers who want to make a statement with their style, inspired by the chicest celebrity kids.
  • Eras Tour Collection: Inspired by Taylor Swift's iconic Eras Tour, this collection celebrates history's most memorable styles, reimagined for today's young fashion enthusiasts. It's a fashion exploration through time, inspired by Swift's own evolution, designed to captivate and inspire.
  • Mermaid Collection: This collection is for those who believe in the magic of mermaids and the mysteries of the deep sea. With shimmering scales and oceanic hues, it's a tribute to the whimsical and wonderful undersea world.

Exploring the stories behind our cherished collections reveals a world where each piece is a celebration of childhood wonder and self-expression. Through vibrant collaborations, nostalgic nods, and designs that capture the essence of joy and imagination, Lola and the Boys invites every child to discover their own style and let their imagination run wild.

Lola and the Boys in the Spotlight

Lola and the Boys has not only captured the hearts of fashion-forward parents and their kids but has also made significant waves in the press. Our move from a creative idea to dressing the children of celebrities and being featured on prominent media platforms is nothing short of inspiring. Let's look into some of the key moments where Lola and the Boys really stood out in the media:

Good Day New York Feature:

Lola + The Boys Apparel Featured in Good Day New York Feature - Making an appearance on Good Day New York, Lola and the Boys showcased its vibrant and playful collection to a wide audience, further establishing its presence in the fashion world. This feature highlights the our ability to capture attention and admiration from one of the biggest stages in media.

Unicorn World Highlighted:

Weekend Break: Unicorn World by Lola + The Boys - The enchanting Unicorn World collection received a special spotlight on WGN's Weekend Break, captivating viewers with its whimsical designs and imaginative appeal. This coverage speaks to the brand's creativity and its knack for crafting collections that resonate with children's and parents' dreams alike.

From Chicago to Celebrity Closets:

Lola and the Boys: From Chicago to celebrity kids' closets - In an engaging segment with Good Day Chicago, Irina Ovrutsky, the owner of Lola and the Boys, discussed the brand's growth from its Chicago origins to becoming a staple in celebrity children’s wardrobes. This feature sheds light on the brand's humble beginnings and its widespread acclaim.

Celebrity Endorsement:

Lance Bass’ Daughter Wears Lola + The Boys Apparel - When the daughter of music icon Lance Bass is seen dazzling in apparel from Lola and the Boys, it's clear the brand is a hit among those in the spotlight. This moment underscores the brand's appeal across a diverse audience, including celebrities looking for unique, expressive styles for their little ones.

At Lola and the Boys, we're not just making clothes; we're sparking a fun, imaginative way for kids to dress up! Every shoutout and spotlight shows us that our dream of adding more joy and creativity to kids' fashion is coming true. We're all about inspiring the little dreamers and trendsetters out there. Every time we're in the news, it's like a big cheer for how far we've come and how much everyone loves our colorful, playful style. It's not just about getting noticed; it's about spreading happiness and self-expression.

Celebrating Unforgettable Styles with Lola and the Boys

As we celebrate 8 incredible years of fashion and fun, we invite you to join our vibrant community. At Lola and the Boys our collections serve as a celebration of individuality, creativity, and the joyous spirit of childhood. If you're looking for the perfect back-to-school outfit, planning a birthday bash to remember, or simply want to add some sparkle to your every day, we've got you covered with trendy, eye-catching designs for every occasion. Shop now and let your style shine!