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February 26, 2021

5 Ways to Dress Your Kids for Fun in Spring 2021 with Lola + The Boys

For busy parents, it can be difficult to find children’s clothing that is affordable, trendy, and stylish. This is especially true with the rapid evolution of children’s clothing into something that both kids and parents can use to express themselves. In fact, a child’s wardrobe can be a direct reflection of their confidence and aesthetic. This is why, at Lola + The Boys, we believe in providing comfortable, contemporary children’s clothing at an affordable price for all.

Our Spring Collection Drop is the Most Anticipated Drop of the Year

Kids and parents alike wait in anticipation for our hottest drop of the year: the Lola + The BoysSpring Collection. This is where you will find our cutest tutus, brightest colors, and most exciting accessories. From sequins to swimsuits, there is something for everyone in this collection, and our 2021 drop will be our comfiest, most fun collection yet. 

The first drop of 2021 and I’m so excited for this”,says founder Irina Ovrutsky
This collection has been a year in the making. 
From the initial design process to final production, it’s definitely been a journey. 
Each piece is inspired by my love of fashion, travel, and by my own children. 
Each piece transitions from casual to dressy. 
I hope that the clothing I design brings as much happiness and joy for your children as it does for me when I’m creating them. My mission is for kids to always smile, laugh and shine like the little stars that they are
And this collection really brings that. 
From Colorful ombré rainbows to crisp whites adorned with gems, each piece is really more beautiful than the next."

Keeping Kids Stylish is Easier Than Ever with Lola + The Boys

With imaginative designs, exciting accents, and natural comfort, our 2021 Spring Collection reimagines the concepts of childhood. And all of this comes without the risk of breaking the bank. Lola + The Boys truly makes it exciting and fun to design your child’s wardrobe for spring and every season to come!

In this article, we’re talking about the top five ways to use our spring collection to keep your kids stylish and comfortable in all of their clothes. 

Add a Little Sparkle to Everything

We believe that every kid sparkles, which is why we’ve included sequins and shimmer to almost every item in the Spring Collection. From theRainbow Sequin Tutu to theGlitter Rainbow Slides, which are perfect for those trips to the beach, all of our clothing will light your child’s excitement. It’s not difficult to add sparkle and personality to your child’s outfits when Lola gear sits in their closet!

Prioritize Comfort

No matter what your child’s style or preference, comfort is the most important consideration for creating their wardrobe. And we know comfort. Lola + The Boys includes materials, likestretchy waistbands,cotton blends, andvegan leather for ultimate comfortability and growing room. Cute clothes don’t matter if your child won’t wear them, but our spring collection is so comfortable that your kids will want to sleep in them. 

Don’t be Afraid to Accessorize

Sometimes, it’s not the outfit itself but the accents that tie it all together. This is why we included several accessories in the Lola + The Boys Spring Collection. From ourcross-body clutch, which features several cute and exciting styles, to ourcrystal headbands, these accessories are perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit. 

Include Lots of Color

The most infectious thing about kids is their bright and vibrant energy. We aim to capture that energy in our clothing through contrasting colors and exciting designs. There is absolutely no shortage of color in our Spring Collection either. Withrainbows,funfetti, andfairy dust, your child will shine no matter where they go. 

Always Dress for the Season

Though it’s always great for a child’s outfit to be trendy, it’s most important for them to feel comfortable in their surroundings. This is why we launch our collections with the seasons. The Lola + The Boys Spring Collection includes fleece joggers andtracksuitswhile the early spring days are still chilly, and swimsuits and denim skirts when they begin to warm up. No matter how unpredictable the spring weather, our collection has something for you.