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November 24, 2022

14 Kids’ Jogger Set Ideas And Inspirations

Joggers are loose pants typically made of a stretchy fabric and fitted with elastic at the waist and ankles. Originally created for use while jogging– hence the name– joggers have recently become a fashion attire for outdoors and a comfy outfit for lounging at home, and understandably so. Joggers are more comfortable than trousers and more flattering than yoga pants or leggings.

How To Style A Kids’ Jogger

There are no hard and fast rules for styling a jogger, but you can use these tips:

  • Generally, joggers with a tapered fit provide a more formal look. Joggers that are wider and with a less slim fit offer a casual look, ideal for lounging around the house.
  • To style your child’s jogger, you can pair it with a sweatshirt and stylish sneakers.
  • Casual t-shirts also pair nicely with joggers and are easy and comfortable to wear. Choose a shirt that fits your child well, and avoid oversized or tight-fitting shirts so they can move freely.
  • For an added touch of style, layer the jogger with a denim jacket. A denim jacket can easily add personality and visual contrast to your child’s outfit.
  • Can’t find anything that will go well with your kids’ jogger? No worries because here at Lola + the Boys, we have high-quality joggers that come with a matching shirt or bomber, so you won’t have a hard time looking for something to pair them with.

    Kids’ Jogger Set At Lola + the Boys


    Your little girl will surely receive some “ Aww, so cute!” and a lot of looks and compliments with this pink unicorn velour jogger set. The set includes a long sleeve unicorn top with matching joggers. A more funky version of this jogger set features a hood adorned with a unicorn horn and ears.

    2.Tie Dye

    Tie Dyes are known for their beautiful and exciting prints. If you are someone from the older generation, you know that they are a nostalgic fashion throwback that has made a comeback. Check out our Tie Dye Jogger Sets here.


    Sequins are like vibrant stars, tickling the eyes with their sparkly colors and playful details. Now imagine your little one feeling like a star wherever they go with this Midnight Magic Sequin Set or this Silver Sequin Star Joggers. They'll thank you over and over again for it, for sure!


    Your child is going to walk around spreading love and good vibes with this Hearts Jogger Set that’s just simply adorable.

    5.Good Vibes

    Speaking of spreading good vibes, our Good Vibes Jogger Set speaks for itself. Adorned with fun, good vibes patches, this set is a great way to make a fashion statement while staying comfortable.

    6.Angel Wings

    This Angel Wings Jogger Set is an excellent way to remind your little one of their true nature: they are an angel with the purpose of bringing light and happiness into everyone's life.


    Whether your child is a space enthusiast or not, they’ll love this Deep In Space Jogger Set. This set is decorated with assorted astronaut-themed patches, providing an interesting look.


    Why wear boring colors when you can wear the rainbow? Our Sequin Rainbow Tracksuit Set allows them to move freely in style.


    Our dino jogger sets are an excellent way for any child to stand out from the crowd! Whether they want a cool dino graphic on their hoodie, a doodle dino all over, or an edgy jogger with dino spikes on the sides, there’s a jogger set for every taste. Check out our dino jogger collection here.


    Camo prints are originally intended to enable militaries to hide in their surroundings. Our camo jogger set will do just the opposite - they will make your little one stand out! Featuring a colorful camo print, our jogger sets look cool and feel comfy; your little military won’t want to take them off.


    Patches are the cutest addition to any outfit, joggers or not. Our Varsity Patch Jogger Set is proof. Decorated with all the cool patches a child will find interesting, like a soccer ball, shark, planet, and a rocket ship, this jogger set is sure to be your child’s new favorite outfit.


    Remember that popular shark song? Looking at our Shark Jogger Set makes us think that there should be a “fashionable shark” added to the lyrics. This jogger set features sets of shark teeth surrounding a solid black top and jogger. Whoever said shark outfits can never be this fun?


    Your child will be on cloud nine when they wear this fuzzy clouds jogger set. The ultimate comfort and edgy look make a pretty good reason for wanting to wear this jogger set all day. Need we say more?

    14.Cute Animals

    Sequin kitty on a soft long-sleeve top– can this Kitty Velour Jogger Set be any better? And there’s something bear-y cute on this Teddy Bear themed jogger with an adorable bear paw on the jogger. Your little one is sure to rock them at school, social gatherings or while lounging at home.

    There you have it. We hope you liked this list we made for you. If you’re looking for something else, we have more fashionable clothes for your little one, for moms and pups, too! Visit us at