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May 20, 2024

10 Must-Try Family Fun Time Activities for an Unforgettable Summer

Every summer has its own story, and it's the perfect time to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Today, we're sharing our top picks for activities that promise to make this summer truly special for you and your family.

Why Every Summer with Your Kids Matters (More Than You Think)

Summer with your kids is a special time that doesn't last forever. Before you know it, they grow up and become adults with their own summers to plan. That's why it's so important to make the most of every summer you have with them while they are still kids.

These summer days are perfect for creating fun memories that stick with both of you for life. Making the effort now means building a treasure chest of moments and lessons that will stay with your kids as they grow.

Activities for a Memorable Family Fun Time This Summer

If you're looking to spark creativity, and adventure, or simply enjoy the sunshine together, these ideas are designed to bring your summer to life.

1. Backyard Camping

Turn your backyard into an enchanting campsite. Pitch tents, roll out sleeping bags, and light a fire pit for marshmallow roasting under the stars. Make it memorable by decking out in our Shooting Stars Reversible Satin Bomber for those cool summer nights. It's like glamping, but with style.

2. DIY Family Fashion Show

Who says you can't strut the runway from the comfort of your home? Pick a theme, maybe beachwear or party outfits, and have everyone dress up in their Lola and the Boys favorites. Our Unicorn Denim Jacket could steal the show. Turn your living room into a runway, pump up some music, and work that catwalk!

3. Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items to find or tasks to complete around your neighborhood. Split into teams and capture your finds on camera. Make sure to wear something comfy yet chic like our Rainbow Tulle Dress for the girls and Varsity Bomber Jacket for the boys, because who said scavenger hunts couldn’t be high fashion?

4. Family Art Day

Gather your supplies - paints, brushes, canvases (or any medium you love) and spend the day creating art together. You could even theme your artworks around summer memories or future dreams. Don’t forget to dress for the mess, but make it fashionable! Perhaps our Tie Dye Splatter Set could inspire some artistic genius.

5. Themed Movie Marathons

Pick a series or theme and dedicate a day to watching movies together. Make it extra special by decorating according to the theme and dressing up as your favorite characters. Imagine watching a fairy tale series while the kids are twirling in their Fairy Dresses. Pop some popcorn, grab some cozy Emoji Blankets, and settle in for a day of cinematic magic.

6. Culinary World Tour at Home

Travel the world from your kitchen by preparing dishes from different countries each week. Italy for pizza night, Mexico for taco Tuesday, and Japan for sushi Saturday. Dress the part in our Capri T-shirt for an Italian evening, adding an extra layer of fun to your culinary travels. It's a delicious way to learn about different cultures and cuisines.

7. Garden Picnic with a Twist

Why go to the park when you can have a picturesque picnic right in your garden? Lay out a blanket, prepare some sandwiches, and fresh fruits, and don't forget the lemonade. Level up the experience by wearing our vibrant Daisy Sundress, perfect for a sunny day out in your backyard. Bring out some board games or a deck of cards for added entertainment. For a magical touch, hang some fairy lights around your picnic area as the evening draws in.

8. DIY Water Park

Set up sprinklers, a slip 'n slide, and a kiddie pool in your backyard for a day of water fun. Our Swimwear collection will have everyone looking fabulous while making a splash. Don’t forget the water balloons for a friendly family showdown! Add some plastic cups and toys for extra play in the water. You can even make a game of it, seeing who can slide the farthest or splash the highest.

Set up sprinklers, a slip 'n slide, and a kiddie pool in your backyard for a day of water fun. Our Sparkle Swimwear collection will have everyone looking fabulous while making a splash. Don’t forget the water balloons for a friendly family showdown!

9. Sunset Nature Walks

Explore the beauty of nature with evening walks in a nearby park or along the beach. It’s a serene way to end the day and find inspiration for art projects or journal writing. Wear something light and airy like our Ombre Dress to stay cool and comfortable.

10. Create a Family Summer Journal

Document your summer adventures with a family journal. Include photos, drawings, and stories from each of your activities. It’s a wonderful project that encourages creativity and becomes a treasured keepsake. You could even design the cover to reflect everyone’s personality. Have everyone write something about their day or draw a picture in the journal every evening. This way, by the end of summer, you'll have a book full of fun memories to look back on.

Wrapping Up: Family Fun Time Activities to Try This Summer

The summer season is a golden opportunity to bond, explore, and create lasting memories with your loved ones. Engaging in these family fun time activities ensures that every day of summer is an adventure waiting to happen, filled with laughter, learning, and the undeniable joy of simply being together.

And remember, no matter which activities you choose, the right outfits can transform any ordinary day into an extraordinary one. At Lola and the Boys, we’re here to add that fun and sparkle to your summer. From dazzling sequin dresses for the little divas to cool, comfortable shirts for the boys, and everything in between – we've got your family covered. Because here, we believe fashion is about expressing yourself and having fun while doing it.